Municipal Committee Mithi Establishes Nursery For Citizens


By GR Junejo

Mithi: The local Municipal Committee, in collaboration with district administration, has established a nursery in Mithi town, for encouraging the citizens to buy plants at cheap rates for plantation.

Deputy Commissioner of Tharparkar Muhammad Nawaz Soho and Municipal Committee Mithi Chairman Dr. Manoj Malani inaugurated the nursery on Tuesday by planting the saplings.

“The plantation will beautify the town besides bringing about a healthy change in the atmosphere,” DC Mr. Soho said and advised the citizens to plant saplings of flowers and other plants in their respective localities.

Dr. Manoj Malani told that 7500 plants of various species have been placed at the nursery to benefit the citizens locally, as they had to buy plants from other cities at higher rates.

Chief Municipal Officer Mithi, Assistant Commissioner Javed Ahmed Dahri, Engineer Riaz Memon,Narain DaS Lohano, Abhemni Acharya,Vinesh Bhagat and other officials and Citizen’s were also present.