Betraying Ummah


Zahoor Abbas Samo
Israel is an illegitimate state, a dagger inserted into the heart of the Muslim Ummah, it will never be recognized. The UAE has accepted the ISRAELI annexation of all Palestinian land just leaving a few pieces & has the audacity to sign an agreement without inviting the Palestinians to the table. Disgraceful. The Palestinians curse them for this betrayal. After egypt and jorden UAE is third muslim country and first gulf countries to recognise israel as an state.Many people are of the opinion that making ties with an illegitimate Jewish state won't bring any blessings for UAE but an ultimate destruction, as it's promised
by Allah!! Be the puppet of Jews and watch them ruining Arab world like a slow poison. On the other hand the relations with islamic countries will surely be spoiled as Erdogan says Turkey may suspend diplomatic relations with the UAE over its peace deal with Israel. Erdogan is considering to break off all diplomatic ties and announces social boycott with the UAE after the Persian Gulf nation announced a deal establishing formal relations with the biggest foe of muslims Israel . History will never forgive the "hypocritical behavior" of the UAE! Its indeed condenmable act, Muslim ummah feel sorry for UAE on accepting illegal State of Israel . Till now they (UAE) were Accused of not Speaking for muslim Ummah but starting Diplomatic Relations with Terrorist state of Israel is a Peak of Hypocrisy. History Will remember this day when Muslims were dying due to Israel attacks, genocide and bombing and Muslims powerful state like UAE were accepting them, Indeed The Time Which Prophet Muhammad SAW predicted 1400 years ago is near. The tears of innocent palestinians would definitely not forgive anyone over their alliance with Israel. This can not be the an agreement of peace signed by UAE but definately a
paper of destruction for peace , harmony and unity of muslim ummah.