PM pays tribute to the writers and intellectuals on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day

Islamabad: (Raja Furqan Ahmed)The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on the occasion of Independence Day celebrations of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, while paying homage to the services of writers and intellectuals, said that I am feeling happy to know that the Pakistan Academy of Letters Celebrating Independence to configured a series of programs to highlight the role of writers in the Tehreek-e-Pakistan. I personally think that the writers played the most important role in awakening the Muslims of the subcontinent from their slumber.
He said that a poet or a writer dreams and a politician interprets it. The dream of Pakistan was also seen by a poet, who was put into practice by a politician and thus Pakistan came into being. I am most pleased that the Pakistan Academy of Letters has represented Pakistani language writers in these weekly events, He said that all these languages are the flowers of this bouquet. Language is a means of expression and literature is the internal history of a nation and a society. The Prime Minister said that living nations honour their writers, poets and intellectuals like their national heroes. The present government is serious about the promotion of literature and the welfare of writers. That is why the government has handed over the leadership of the Pakistan Academy of Letters, Pakistan’s largest national body working for the promotion of literature and writers, to a scholarly and literary figure who himself was valued in the literary community. Our writer is connected to his land and is well aware of the challenges facing the country, nation, society and is expressing them in his writings with full artistic creativity. There is a need to bring them to the notice of the common man so that he can use the ideas of writers to play his role in the development of society. I hope that these events will not only highlight the services of the writers in the independence movement but will also help in the completion of Pakistan. He said that I sincerely pay tribute to the services of my friend and Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood and Chairman of the Pakistan Academy of Letters Prof. Dr Yousuf Khushk and writers and intellectuals from across the country. And I pray for their success. These Independence Day celebrations will surely be a milestone in our literary history.

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