Need & Want


Fawad Hussain Samo
Need & Want the difference between these two is that need we use for anything we require that thing on emergency basis. As i cite here one common example for understanding the difference between the need and want that we need food, shelter, education, health and other basic facilities of life. An other example is here that if you have a cellphone and you are going to buy an other one it is not a need it is want. As you need to communicate with people in job, relatives and friends so your communication demand is fulfilled by one mobile but when you use other one it comes in extravagant and lavish expenditure. If one has one car, it is need of hour to reach his job or work place easily but if one is
having more than one car it can not be considered as a need it will be considered as want and wish. So want and wish do not come in the categary of necessity. It is also said that if one can afford, so one should but why we do not say that if one can afford that one should establish such a business or enterprise which cause a welfare or a benefit to other people in the society by investing money. By investing money in any factory or industry one can create job opportunities in the country.we have also invited the problems ourselves. we have become slave of the wishes thats why we are victimise of the inflation and poverty like problems which i think as a pernnial problem.Man entangles himself in the web of problems by streching materialists wishes which are big enemies of a man in the situation of pandemic of covid19. Man has an ability to restrain and put his desires and wishes in limit to lead his life comfortably. It is rightly said by Aristotle that "man is born free but here he is in chain. Man always expresses himself as free individual but he is not because he is mentally in chain of the society though he is leading his life freely mentally and psychologically he is connected with society. For instances when one goes to any party or wedding ceremony one will not be able to go to attend the party or wedding in
simple attire as he or she wishes but one will, immediately,think of the people living surrounding him what will they think if him or her if he or she goes in party or so. It must be, i am of the opinion that one should fulfil needs of daily life avoid running after the wants. Needs must be our priorities not wants. To fulfill the wants we will have to make use of unfair ways and means. we can easily meet our needs but to fulfil our wants we will be induced to join the world of corruption, dishonesty,adulteration, lie and
bribe. Our society is polluted with these all unfair means of earning to satisfy the thirst of want.Constant awareness and education regarding related disease, exisitng in our society, need to be cured with continuous efforts. I believe that incessant efforts and struggle will, at last, bear the fruit if we continued creating awareness among the people in the context of cleaning the above mentioned elements from the society which have polluted and spoiled the minds of people. As mobile network company never stops sending advertising message to aquatint customers to new package and benefits then why should we not desiminate our knowledge and infuse clean and pure ideas in the minds of people by writting on the different platforms. we have to distinguish between need and want and we
will have to understand the difference between these two things. I think we will be able to solve our problems and life can be made comfortable to live. It is your mind that can help you to grasp and check your wants in control.