Message of 14 August


Sonia Magsi

The 14th August is a memorable day for Pakistan. The Islamic republic of Pakistan was founded and it became the free territory to live under the shadow of Islamic law and practices. The founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great leader and liberal personality. His 11 August memorable speech reminds us of major 4 problems of the state: Bribery , Black-marketing, Nepotism and absence of law and order. However, Quaid already showed his great concerns over these prevailing issues in the free state of Pakistan. Whereas, law and order was his first and foremost concern to implement in the region
for providing insurance and protection of life, property and religious beliefs of individuals. Today, it looks as Pakistani politicians and public have missed the visionary stone of the state and have forgotten the struggles of founding fathers. Yes, it was impossible to gain independence without the motivated nature of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other participants in the freedom of movement. Therefore, Pakistan is the trusteeship of its founding members because they had deposited their time, energy, skills, motivation, spirit, property and life during the freedom movement and for getting independence
from British and India. Thus, Pakistan is not the property of the politicians and governments so they are born into problematic situations in the region time and again. It is our firm duty to play an individual role when it comes to safeguarding the legacy of the father of the nation. We, being Pakistani, must realize the sacrifices of our leaders and follow their footsteps.