Independence Day


Pakistan was established as the fifth most populous and biggest Muslim state on 14th
August 1947. Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of undivided India, came to Karachi to
hand over the power to the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. The emergence of
Pakistan was in fact a great victory of Muslim as they had put their long and arduous
struggles, laid their millions lives down and sustained huge fatal and unbearable

However Pakistan, after independence from British and extremist Hindus, has still been
suffering to chronic problems; Corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, terrorism,
lack of democracy, lack of unity and brotherhood, lack of leadership, various
discriminations, crisis of criminal justice system, child abuse, political instability etc.. In
reality, we had  suffered less in last, than today. We patriotically celebrate
independence day with great enthusiasm, pride and with  cheerfulness. But what is
needed now, is national unity, brotherhood, more patriotism and Democratic society
where everyone can be treated equally and fairly.
This is no time to ignore problems, to more suffer long existing hectic injustice,
discrimination, and unequal treatment. But in fact, now is the time to rise up from the
dark and long-prevailing injustice to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to
make justice a reality for all citizens beyond any discrimination. It is the time to make
progress, to infuse  real patriotism in the hearts of all cicizens of Pakistan, and to make
nation prosperous and stable. Now is also high time for PTI government to make
previously made promises real, to lift the nation from quicksands of racial injustice to the

solid rock of brotherhood and justice. It is time to look into the long-unresolved problems
and bring them to an end.
Government of Pakistan should, on 14th August, make a vow to bring stability and
prosperity in country. It must take unique steps to make Pakistan, a country of
prosperity, love, brotherhood, tranquility, and peace, and a country where real justice
prevails. Finally, I would say 'Long live Pakistan.
Imtiaz Essa Halepoto