Azadi with green Pakistan


Zahoor Abbas samo
Instead Of Buying Flags For 14th August…Plant Some Trees and make the country green. Celebrate the true spirit of independence with commitment to a better tomorrow. The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. This act of plantation is an effort to serve humanity as the trees we will plant will be a shade for others. For a small donation a tree can be planted and be a resource of food, shelter and many other uses including medicinal purposes. Holy Prophet (PBUH) was so concerned for preserving nature that history reports the only time he cut down plants were the palm
trees in Madina to impede the Jewish tribe Banu Nadhir. Tree plantation is not just something that should be done; instead, it is a necessity, the urgent need of the hour. Trees and plants release Oxygen by absorbing every kind of air pollution to provide a healthy environment for human beings and all other living creatures. Considering the gloomy situation around, all Pakistanis have United for the cause of Treedom Movement. Every Pakistani citizen even housewives are actively participating in the campaign
of plantation across the country. Planting a tree is the easiest way to align yourself with the cosmic rhythm so we all must plant more and more trees to be better connected with the nature. Planting trees is regarded as an act of charity (sadaqa) and the planter receives blessings from all those who benefit from it. Lets promise to play our part in making our country green , protecting it from from global warming.