Threat of illiteracy


Muhammad Ayyub
Pakistan is 6th most populous country in world. Country has been facing uncountable crisis since her independence day. Millions of people are still illiterate in the 21st century of scientific discoveries. According to researches, 22.8 million students are out of school in today's era. Those children when grow old to adulthood, they mostly become unawared of social expectations and commit deviances, crimes and offenses. Experts say 'in comparison to illiterate, literate people are mostly peaceful and
they obey social laws of society'. while identifying the causes of illiteracy in Pakistan, one would come to know that there are many causes which contribute in making literacy rate worst: a small budget for education sector by government, misappropriation of funds given by people for betterment of education, inequal syllabi in educational institutions, poor curriculum of text books, nonprofessional and untrained or non-committal teachers, poor infrastructure of schools, political appointed educational institutions' staff including teachers etc… Similarly, few teachers blame government for low salaries of
teaching staff. owing to that, most of the teachers are employed part time in some other gainful job, seldom attending the schools. They only appear on the pay days to receive the salaries after parting with some amount to the head of institution as a quid pro quo. Sindh contributes the lion's share in finance of country; but inspite of it, Sindh is worst affected in education sector and more illiteracy exists in province. Unfortunately even those districts of Sindh which before independence were not behind any part of the province have suffered the most. Under these depressing circumstances, education will continue to suffer unless all corrective measures are adopted at the right earnest. In Sindh not only
ghost and shelterless schools require immediate attention of the minister for education but in order to bring improvement in the quality education, the teachers have to be paid handsomely and given training in latest techniques of teaching. There should be check and balance of schools and teachers so as to lift literacy rate up. He observed that it should be the utmost priority of the government to facilitate exporters in every possible way. He cherished the encouraging export numbers for July 2020, which depicted a growth of 5.8%. The growth came following contraction in exports in the past four months, since March 2020, which recorded a drop of 8% compared to the same period of previous year.