Qari Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari


Muhammad Awais
Qari Khushi Muhammad, an international fame holder Quran Reciter, whose demise was not the passing away of a person but the end of an era. His services towards Islam are remarkable and highly regarded by everyone. Originated from a warrior family of Kharal Rajpoots, he got his education from his native village and completed three years course of Recitation and Rules from Jamia Qasmia in Karachi. However his adoration and dedication towards Quran kept on extolling during all this time as a result of which he was appointed as Imam of Presidency of Pakistan and first Qari of senate in the times of
Muhammad Ayyub (Late). It was his passion and selfless love for Quran which brought endless blessings in his ways and he got the honor of recitation in both meetings of OIC. His Qaseeda Burda Shareef being recorded in 1995 is the evergreen piece of art which has got fame by leaps and bounds. He was also pioneer of renowned program of PTV, IQRA (Read).his contribution to transfer his knowledge to younger generation through International Qirat Acadmy and Qurani Taleemat Trust established in Satellite town
where from thousands of certified Quraa’s are graduating regularly. He had lots of feathers in his cap including PTV awards for five times, Nishan e Imtiaz in 1980 from Egypt, Tamgha e Imtiaz Pakistan, Award of Excellency Pakistan, Gold medalist and gold crown of Data Shareef Lahore and many more. But above all, actual reward was love of people and their affection towards his melodious voice. His legacy continued and two of his sons Qari Najam Mustafa got Nishan -e- Imtiaz in 2007 where as Muhamma Mehmood got it in 2015. It’s very unfortunate that he is not among us today but his voice is and will always be a beam of light to show us the right path.