Don’t blame the system only!

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Sonia Magsi
The news is circulating in the media and TV channels regarding worthless action done by two popular people Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed. Both have picturized their latest video song in the ancient mosque Wazir Khan located at Lahore. The famous actress Saba Qamar, prior to the ultimate action has always come under the critics of people of Pakistan owing to her bold advertisement of LUX soap. Bilal Saeed, A famous singer of Pakistan with confident actress Saba Qamar are two Muslims by their identification.
Whereas, two Muslims have accepted the directions of their producer and director to picturize a video of the entire mosque. What a shameful act ! Moreover, rumors are revolving around social media. The administration and the concerned authorities of the mosque sold their faith for 30,000 Rupees in order to allow the team to do such disgusting practice. Every participant director, producer, camera men, actress, singer, authority and administrative personals, as well as people of Lahore who looked over them while entering the mosque is responsible. Mosque is the holy home of Allah Almighty. No one has
the right to destroy it's dignity and nobility. All the Muslims should play their unique and individual role in protecting the glory of mosques irrespective of blaming on the system only. I urge people to stop blaming on the system only and play your individual role for the sake of religious belief.

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