Craze of Social Networks

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Dolat Chandani
It is quite well-known that using social networks mean to make links with persons or another country and to get knowledge about surroundings. Today, the world growing faster in the era of modern technology along with the trend of social networks that is incessantly growing so fastly in villages and countries across the globe. Social networks have become a part of ones life and many business of government and non government sector runs and depends on it. Here many people and youth are using different sites and making accounts on Facebook , Twitter, TikTok and Instagram to interact with relatives and strangers and finally come into the circle of social networks to be wrapped and seized.
People do every single activity by using social network apps like Facebook during job, gathering, jury or even during eating and they do not let cell phone to keep a side. Progressive people of world use social networks for benefit not for useless purpose. Speechlessly to say that the progressive countries of world and their people have been making tireless efforts day and night for new development, new invention
and for launching new apps but we, Pakistani are just making fun of by using devices of other countries.
We do not even think that we also have great mind and can channelize our positive energy into productive acts by inventing new devices instead of wasting more time on social networks. Social networks have been changing the life every person in many ways. People are being addicted by social networks and sites, and can not live without it. Now a days, the most running application is Facebook which is used by teenager of villagers and teenager of citizens. They waste their hours on Facebook by sharing different material instead of giving deep attention on education which quite alarming for
emerging youth. Here many are spending their day and night by using social networks carelessly without any deep consideration. Many people often uses and would like to prefer to online chatting and video chatting instead of infront meeting. Using social networks is not a crime or a wrong thing but should be in limits and should use for benefit purpose. “As Newton’s third law says; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This same ways everything has positive and negative impacts. So, people should learn how to use social networks rightly instead of wrongly. If things are being used rightly then
the impact will definitely be positive but if the things are being used wrongly then the impact will certainly be negative. It is about people how they utilize the things likewise weapons are made for security purpose not for killing the people. Youth and people should set a schedule of social networks and use the social networks for knowledge, study and benefit purpose.

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