US election; competition and analysis


Wajahat Abro
US election has led world leaders to a hot discussion whether the incumbent leader Donald J. Trump again wins or his counterpart candidate Joe Biden. Initial days of new year, 2020 proved to be in the favor of Trump as the economy of the state was on peak in the growth rate, unemployment came to the lowest rate and the social system was up to the mark. Considering the mid-year's unexpected pandemic, the Coronavirus has swiped all above-mentioned developments in a very short span of time. Thus, the pendulum of election swings to the side of Joe Biden. Majority of the polls are now signalling to Biden
for winning the elections. Now, Trump's triumph policies are no more effective. Racism, genocide and other social unrest in America, which led Europe into chaos and turmoil, also proved to be his failure policies. It is a bitter fact that Trump's trumpery policies have long been drowning him down into the eyes of public during the current elections. Before going deep into the analysis of the current situation
of the elections, it is pertinent to understand the system of US elections. Considering two main areas of the system; popular vote and electoral vote, the former is comprised of people vote who select their candidate and the latter one is based on selected ministers who finally vote for Prime Minister. In essence, the popular vote is baseless unless the electoral vote supports the candidate. Like in the previous elections of 2016, Henry Clinton won in the popular vote in a big margin from Trump but could not succeed in the electoral vote, resulting Trump's victory. Mr: Trump is still a strong leader to get the victory. It is, however, estimated that at around 40-44 per cent of the population is with him
who will support him in elections. Both the candidates have to strive hard to attract the voters of the state. Biden could defeat Trump by attracting the voters of suburban and industrial areas. Trump is already facing a strong criticism over the condition of economy. Amid the pandemic, with a 40 per cent unemployment enhancement, the economy of the state is going through a volatile time which creates a massive hindrance in the process of election for Trump campaign. The incumbent president has made
some blunders which may become a big wall for him in the election. For suppose, one of the most appalling events was the encouragement of racism through the killing of George Floyd—a black man. The very incident led a massive protest around the state which betrayed Trump as aggressive and irrational leader in the eye of voters. However, it seems US election is like a game of cards where other world powers also play their part. Like in the previous elections, Russian involvement declared to be one of the major keys to winning Trump. Again this time American authorities warn the state of the vested
involvement of trio— China, Russia and Iran in the election. American intelligence officials issued a public warning on Friday that China was “expanding its influence efforts” in the United States ahead of the presidential election, along with Russia and Iran, but Democrats briefed on the matter said the threat was far more urgent than what the administration described. The warning came from William R. Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, in a statement 100 days before Americans go to the polls. “We’re primarily concerned with China, Russia and Iran — although
other nation-states and non-state actors could also do harm to our electoral process,” the statement said. The recent bonhomie between China and Iran based on secret bilateral agreement is the actual threat to the United States. Let's see how they play their part in the game. Well, it is more likely that Russia will not play the same part as played in 2016 election, but would rather try a new angle to shoot the election. As the chances of being re-elected for Trump are really drastically low. As, the election forecasting model of the US signals a one-in-ten chance of being re-elected in November. If Biden wins the election, this very turn would create a major impact on the entire American foreign policy in particular and domestic designs in general.