Ghumman urges Govt to formulate a strategy to curb E-cigarettes



Isalamabad:    (Parliament Times)   General Secretary, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), Sanaullah Ghuman has said that PANAH has been working for decades to protect the public from heart disease. Dangerous chemical compounds from e-cigarette use are causing heart attacks, cancer, respiratory diseases and other dangerous diseases. Instead of making healthy food a priority, the government should formulate a strategy on E-cigarettes to keep e-cigarettes out of the reach of the younger generation. Expressing his views on the harms caused by E-cigarettes, Sanaullah Ghuman said that E-cigarettes are more dangerous than ordinary smoking, the use of which produces various toxic chemicals, which are in no way satisfactory to the human body. According to the American Lung Association, the harmful chemicals produced by the use of E-cigarettes cause irreparable damage to the lungs. In January 2018, Science, Engineering And medicine A report from more than 800 studies by the National Academy of Sciences 1 found that E-cigarettes contain potentially toxic substances, and that young people who use E-cigarettes are at increased risk of coughs, anxiety and asthma, including heart disease, in North Carolina. According to university research, the two main ingredients in E-cigarettes, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, are toxic to cells. The acroline chemical used in E-cigarettes causes asthma and lung cancer.

Sanaullah Ghuman said that we appeal to the Government that the youth are the capital of any nation, The government should formulate a strategy for the prevention of E-cigarettes, so that the future of the young generation can be secured, and loss of human lives can be avoided.