Moro needs Library


Arshad Ali Almani
Moro is an important town of Sindh. It connects many cities of Pakistan to one another. The town has given many talented people and bureaucrats to Pakistan for her development. Most of people from this town are educated and those are pride of Pakistan. Having many issues, people are sufferingly trying to live. But in this competitive era, youth, more importantly, needs library. Because town does not has library where students can study instead of sitting leisurely. Owing to have no library, students have to face hardships during their studies. All surrounding villages of the town have their direct connection to
the town for education. But due to Library problem, students' time goes in vain. Students, social workers and activists had demonstrated a trend on Tweeter for library in the town and it remained a successful trend of the day. Pakistani media also portrayed it on social, electronic and print media. But unfortunately, no proper positive reply was given by concerned authorities of all those efforts taken by youth. Moro has unfortunate political leaders those who are quiet despite seeing various social problems and issues. Youth of Moro wants library to save their valuable time for future that can lift
Pakistan up. Students of the said town demand especial look in the said matter. All higher authorities specially CM Sindh and head of Literacy Department must provide a library.