China Economic Rise, And Benefits of Authoritarian System


Syed Tahir Rashdi
With the Advent of Computerized world, Is Democratic Principle Still Applicable in this Modern World." Valnews Publishers takes a look at Chinese Modernized Authoritarian System of Government: that has Risen China above America. The biggest Obstacle Confronting authoritarian regime is the issues of Succession, Relinquishing power successfully at the apex and Preventing leadership Crisis during the process of power shift, has been extremely problematic for authoritative Government. Especially with
strong Opposition. Power Succession in China has been Stable for the Past three Decades without Conflict. The Republican theories of Equality, Freedom of the Press, Right to Challenge Constituted authority, Internet are the major Problem of Republican original ideology. This challenges has hindered many Third World Nations. In Africa, many African leaders use bribe to settle other arms of government to either allow them to Perform their duty. Follow "The Valnews Publishers" to get update on "African
and Imposed Democracy." China Maintained Policies that have kept the Economy Poor, Stagnant, Inefficient, and Isolated from the Global Economy for forty years. Not until 1979 that China introduce Moderated authoritarian Economic Policies, the Economy was Opened to Foreign Market. China was among the fastest growing economies with domestic (GDP) averaging 9.5 % in 2018, was the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in the history. In 2015, China announced an upgrade to expand Manufacturing in ten key Sectors through Extensive Government assistance in order to make China a major global player. Can China actually Survive without foreign technology? considering the fact
that Chinese economic growth was initially built on foreign Multi National Cooperations in 1979 economic reform, despite the quest for Global Dominance. China has Proven that Moderated Authoritarian leadership compel subordinate to increase productivity, that encourages National growth.
Countries with limited Democratic principles has been experiencing growth, Russia, India, Iran, Rwanda in Africa etc. are examples of Moderated authoritative system of Government This growth aided China to double her GDP every eight years and helped lift an estimated 800 million people out of poverty, China also boost of higher purchasing power in parity basis that is in Manufacturing, Merchandise trade, and holder of foreign exchange reserves. China is the largest American merchandise trading partner, biggest source of her import and holder of US security treasuaries, that is responsible for funding US debt.