British Pakistanis, Kashmir begins preparations to India’s Independence Day as Black day


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK):  (Parliament Times)   Brisk preparations are afoot to observe India’s Independence Day on August 15, as black day to reiterate extreme indignation and protest against India for keeping bulk of the internationally-acknowledged disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir in her forced and unlawful occupation for the last 73 at the might of her occupational armed forces –besides turning the IIOJK into largest prison on the planet since the bleak day of August 05 last year.

“Disclosing this, Chairman of the UK-based Kashmiris rights outfit – Global Pakistan Kashmir Supreme Council (GPKSC) Raja Sikander Khan told media in London on Sunday that his organization has obtained formal permission from concerned British authorities in London to hold the scheduled black day protest in front of the Indian High Commission on 15th of August on Independence Day of India”, says a message reaching and released to the media here Sunday evening.

Raja Sikander Khan continued as saying “it would be a great opportunity for us to send our message to all the diplomats, the world over, whom are likely to be arriving at the Indian High Commission London as guests to attend the impending India’s Independence Day state ceremony”.

“We will be able to send an unequivocal message to all the Ambassador’s and Diplomats along with all the International dignitaries attending the reported impending ceremony at the IHC taking the den of Hypocrite faces of fascist RSS-oriented BJP-led government of so called secular democracy of India which they claim to be but the reality is totally different to their false claims”, the Kashmiri leader said.

The GPKSC chairman further said “we will let the world know that the fascist BJP- led Indian government is committing massive human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir by torturing, molesting, raping very young girls and women as well as torturing and killing youth and men on daily basis, forcefully entering their homes and taking away the youth and men and placing them in prisons without any trials, in some cases killing them by extreme torture and than burying them without the knowledge of their families and due to all this many mass graves were identified in the past with the dead bodies of many missing people”.

The Kashmiri leader reiterated the demand of immediate withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) which gave a right to any low ranking occupying Indian army personnel to shoot at sight and kill anyone in the bleeding occupied state. He underlined that so far thousands of innocent people had been martyred under the AFSPA and so far not a single person had been convicted of killing these innocent Kashmiri people.

“We will also be demanding to revert the article 370 & 35-A and put an end to the brutal lockdown which has been in place since over a year now and finally we will be demanding for the fundamental birthright of self determination for the people of Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir”, he underlined.

Khan, the message said, further stated that last year on 15th August UK-based Pak-Kashmir Diaspora community made history by managing the gathering of over 30,000 protesters on British soil against the Indian human Rights Violations and for revoking the article 370 & 35A.

“By staging the mass anti-India protest by Pak-Kashmiri expatriates fraternity in front of the Indian High Commission in London on August 15 last year we remained highly successful in highlighting the human rights violations of Indian fascist government by their RSS goons and their armed forces in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu Kashmir through the International print and electronic media who gave a wide coverage to the event”, he underlined.

Raja Sikander Khan pointed out that this years’ scheduled August 15 anti-India demonstration on her independence day was being held with the collaboration of various other Kashmiri rights outfit including Tehreek-e-Kashmir, Pakistan Patriotic Front besides major political Parties of Pakistan & Kashmir as well as with the freedom-loving Europe-based Sikh brothers, who were already engaged in their struggle for their separate homeland Khalistan getting liberation from the clutches of the Indian imperialism, he added.

The GPKSC Chairman Raja Sikander Khan requested to all the Pakistani / Kashmiri Diaspora in UK and adjoining European Countires to participate in the scheduled Aug. 15 protest program in front of the IHC in London in order to unveil the true face of the fascist BJP Modi’s government before the external world.

Khan asked the Pak-Kashmir expatriates community besides other rights and freedom-loving nations to attend the protest with their families, friends, working colleagues and neighbors once again making this protest complete success to mark the black day in full perspective, the message concluded .