Menace of Forced Marriages in Sindh


Sonia Magsi
In spite of several amendments formulated in the constitution of Pakistan regarding forced marriages, The Sindh Government particularly has failed to address the issue in remote areas of the province. The so-called jirga committee decides the future of girls as a compensation while resolving the disputes between two parties, according to own Sindhi newspapers' news resources. Moreover, Forced marriage is the major cause of unrest in the societies. it must be eradicated from the Sindh province as Sindh is
badly affected by the feudalism and jagirdari system. Most girls and boys living under the ruling patriarchy system are also survivors of the forced marriage practices. Famous Marriage Custom Watta Satta or brother-sister pairs from two families is 90% occured in the Sindh province with most negative results in the end. According to The Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey reports, 48% girls of age between 15 to 24 had been forcefully married in 2013-15 in Pakistan, on the first hand. Meanwhile,
during the same years, The UNICEF reports maintained that 70% girls in Pakistan have been victimized by the early age marriage or forceful marriage in Pakistan after Niger, Chad, Mali, Bangladesh, and Guinea. Unfortunately, mentioned countries including Pakistan are the Islamic majority countries that have also failed to implement upon Islamic rules and regulations against the menace of forced marriages. Truly, Islam prohibits forceful marriage as similar to child marriage. On the other hand, Analyzing the worst plight of Sindh province on the whole, The highest number of forced marriages has
been observed harshly. Because of, Sindh is still lacking in human rights and women rights, awareness and education, respectively. Ignorance stays on the peak there. For example, Firstly, It is the old- fashioned trend in Sindh to decide the marriages of girls in the relatives, owing to historical traditional customs. Most sindhi people are exasperated that to give girls outside cast and tribe in marriage can cause damages to honor and worth in the 'Braderi or fraternity'. Secondly, Sindhi people never wish to
let property distribution for the son who wants to marry the girl outside of caste, in result, they reject marriage proposals coming from outsiders. Thirdly, Sindhis are profoundly interested in Marriage of convenience. The term implies contractual marriage irrespective of mutual understanding and mutual affection between couples to be forever. It means, they prefer their less educated kinfolks over educated families outside casts. In result, No progress in awareness, responsibilities, cognizance and individual societal role. Flash back to the Contractual marriage, It is always burdensome and offensive as
for two unfamiliar people forced to marry each other due to the rigid and inflexible nature of parents. These mentioned grounds not only prevailed in the masses, but Sindhis are following through still with no exception. Remember that, Forced marriage is the unjust with the rights of offsprings granted by the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him regarding the marriage scene. In The Holy Quran (30:21), Marriage is described as a fusion of peace and tranquility as well as comforts and cheering each other. Based on this fact, no one has rights to declare their own customs and traditions
against the will of two opponents. Furthermore, The Religion Islam declares that marrying off a girl with no consent and approval is unacceptable. Therefore, one who asserts that the will of girls for marriage is not necessary becomes a sinner in the eyes of Allah. One of the four major marriage contract in Islam is clear acceptance or consent. Concluding the debate in last, The Sindhi populace should understand that forced marriage is a category of wretched violence against human rights that consequently leads to the
several psychological and physical weaknesses for the victims of forced marriages. On the medical point of view, Girls experience teen pregnancy and several health issues, long-term physical and mental torture . Moreover, The civilized people of Sindh must collaborate with the awareness organizations and individual social activist groups to raise voice against this prevalent evil in the Sindh province. Most importantly, providing higher education to girls and boys with the future satisfaction of job is an alternative to give birth to a welfare society in Sindh. It is the high time to spread awareness against eradicating the caste system, Watta-satta trend, early age marriages, in order to build the most
educated society in Sindh. After all, we all are Muslims before our identification of caste and tribe.