Impacts of COVID-19 on human life-I


Muhammad Shoaib Khan
The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused major problems in the world, as well as many new technologies that have benefited the virus. Coronavirus effect everything in all over the world .Everything is stopped due to lockdown. Every servant is locked in the house. With the onset of this disease, we know which countries are strong and how strong the economy of this country is. With the advent of this disease, many changes have taken place in the world system. Many systems in the world are moving towards digital systems due to lockdown. No one wants to get out of the house in this dangerous situation. And in these situations, many of the workers are sitting at home doing office work.
It shows how developed the country is. The world of internet has benefited a lot from this online working because everyone needs internet at this time. There are many universities that offer free online courses and certificates. It also benefits the students that they are studying this additional subject along with their studies. The student is also benefiting from the fact that he is gaining many more skills and information regarding other subjects. And he can read whatever he wants. The marketer that can services online in coronavirus situation, the online market will move up very quickly because every family wants to buy some new things from the market, but because of lockdown they are not be able to
go out from home to buy thing. Then they choose online shop to fulfill our wants the people can purchase product from online shop. The online shops work on our system to be better than past because this is the best time to attract a new customer from your shop. And a lot of people satisfied from the online shop. This is the best time to develop or convert our manual system to digital system.
The education system is manual in Pakistan Because of lockdown the EC of Pakistan give the online education apps to complete our education in this crucial situation. The life is too much difficult without education. Those that are students they have bright future or safe future after completing their degree. They able to do some best job. And because of the corona virus, people have started to take precautions and take special care of cleanliness. People who did not take special care of cleanliness before the corona virus, now they take special care of cleanliness. They try to remove it from him so that he can
avoid the disease. The outbreak of the coronavirus has greatly improved the hospital system. New technologies are coming to hospitals, they are being fitted with ventilators, beds are being made for them and new medicines are being made to help us overcome this disease. And at the moment the price of computer laptop mobile is going up a lot. Their demand is increasing a lot because of this online system every servant needs a mobile and needs a laptop. This time mobile companies are emphasizing what our customer needs, what he wants, what he needs. We were able to get them. And if we talk about these time senators, then these time senators have become very valuable. Everyone is using it
because of the corona virus. He is taking care of his hygiene so that he can avoid many diseases. And the company is using a lot of such things in the centers so that they can avoid many more diseases. The customer who uses this sanitizer is dry. The first benefit of this disease is that people are taking care of the mass and getting the benefit that they are also avoiding the outside soil. People are not drinking water from each other fake glasses, the benefit of this is that many other diseases that used to be spread due to each other false drinking will now stop. People are also avoiding eating out because they
want to avoid the disease so they are making more use of homemade items. Homemade items are more beneficial for human health because home-made items are neatly made and special care is taken to keep them clean. Living in this difficult situation has given us an idea of how to survive in difficult situation and how to cope. And now our world is moving towards a technology. This is too much good for our world. Because new technology make it easier for people to do difficult thing. Many workers
have been laid off these days and have started working online. They are making money by doing online jobs there are many websites on the internet where you can make money by working online. People there say we can do it, so the customer gives them their work and the worker completes the work and send it. It’s up to how much you have capability to do work. The worker gets money and fulfills our needs and the country gets a lot out of it. No country has enough jobs to employee all the people in their country, online work is the best job. The person cannot come to office the easily sit in his home and do work well and do work with fully concentration. As a result, a person can earn less money at
home and work at his own will and earn money accordingly. In these days there are lot of new doors and new opportunities for people. They even know about how much socialization is important for human life. They know about internet and digital things. How much the digitalization is important for every person. The online system facilitates us a lot. Like these days no one can’t be afford to go bank and submit bills. The online system gives facility to submit online. You work online that is the way to learn new things. Where we have faced many difficulties, we have also reaped many benefits. Every new difficulty give some new lesson.

(-The writer is a student of BBA in an international Islamic university.)