Digital Art Exhibition ‘Colors of Pakistan’ kicked off at PUCAR


RAWALPINDI:   (Parliament Times)   In connection with the Independence Day celebrations, an exhibition of digital art works was organized by the Punjab Arts Council Rawalpindi at the Art Gallery which was inaugurated by Member National Assembly and Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Narcotics Control Sheikh Rashid Shafique here on Saturday.  The exhibition, titled & Colors of Pakistan', features more than 40 works by young artists.
Director Punjab Council of Arts Rawalpindi Waqar Ahmed was also present on the
occasion.  The attendees viewed artwork at the art gallery, keeping in mind the social
distance, and attended the opening ceremony. Hira Gull Aleeza Sarwar, Hina Ajmal,
Shiz Sattar, Haleema Sadia and Nishmia displayed their art work.
Speaking on the occasion, Member National Assembly and Parliamentary
Secretary Sheikh Rashid Shafiq said that the nation was celebrating Independence Day
by expressing solidarity with its oppressed Kashmiri people.  He said that by issuing a
new political map of Pakistan, the PTI government has equally expressed the
sentiments of Pakistani and Kashmiri people and assured the world that Kashmir is a
part of Pakistan. He said that the sacrifices of our forefathers for the achievement of this
homeland demanding that we should work for the development of this country with
dedication and honesty. .
Director Waqar Ahmed said that the atrocities perpetrated against the Kashmiri people
have also been highlighted in these works of art created on the occasion of
Independence Day.  He said that the artists of Pothohar have not only expressed their
love for the homeland through their art but also exposed the atrocities committed
against the Kashmiri people.