Indifference of youth towards politics and the behavior of politicians

Kundan Malhi;
In Pakistan, 66% of its population is the youth and 29% out of 66% its population is of youth between 15 and 29 years of age. According to the UNO (United Nation Organization report, Pakistan is the fifth largest country in the world in terms of population with the largest population of youngsters. It shows that the future of Pakistan depends on the youth but very sadly to say that the rulers of country are not serious about the future of youth and their problems. Our youth is engulfed in many sorts of problems. The youth of the Pakistan faces many sorts of the problems due to unemployment, poor education system, social and economic inequality, lack of peace and justice and wrong policies of the government.  The youth must understand that Pakistan is the only country which is not only bestowed in rich natural resources but the land of Pakistan is also fertile. In spite of this, the youth is scattered, wandered, desperate and depressed because our politicians does not have any productive and clear policy and strategy or strict plan for the youth of Pakistan. In the result, the vast majority of youth is unemployed and become scattered and unorganized and is encompassed in problems instead of playing a productive role.
The large number of the youth goes through hard life to complete the education and after being educated a youth faces the  unemployment for the long period of time and due to this the youth becomes mentally ill and deprives of using his/her abilities and capabilities in relevant field of work.  Resulting, The youth becomes the burden on the society instead of playing a constructive role.
In my opinion, one of the main reasons for the loss of the young generation is that the young generation is kept away from politics and when the most animated and active part of the youth population of the country becomes indifferent to the politics of the country and youth does not have role in the political affairs of the country and when the political role of the youth being is eliminated then do consider that the future of youth politics in the Pakistan would be dark for the long period.
The countries where the revolution and change occurred because of the productive role and action of the youth. The youth politics is only politics that can bring the revolution and change in the society  and such countries will be able to bring the changes. The large number of the youth is student and only student politics can create great leaders and politicians in the society then they would change the fate of the countries.
Student politics is only political consciousness and strengthened steps but Alas! Since Zia’s period the student politics is banned and I do not consider it only as a ban on consciousness but on roots of the political consciousness.
This is only the reason that the youth and student of country have been indifferent towards politics and going through many problems.
Youth must understand that number of suicide rate is increasing due to unemployment, hike in prices of essential commodities and groceries, poverty  and It is not only the baseless or unprecedented thing but behind it is a capitalist thinking which is rising up under the shadow of politics. In the current era, the capitalist thinking is dominated over politics in the world and also in our country has such politicians due to this it is necessary for the youth to do politics otherwise capitalist thinking will be dominated and youth would dark future and have to do slave for living. I am worried that the 66% population is youth but 05% out of 66% its youth population does not seem active in politics which is very harmful for future of youth and next generation but the ray of hope seems that presently our youth read and write and understand the politics, socialism and literature which will prove productive in the future.
I often have seemed the youth  asking that why the space is not given to youth in politics.
In this regard, being a political activist, I would say to young people that you may go in the world or in any field anywhere but you cannot find the space immediately because that needs a hard work, ability and capability.
For that making immediate space for youth in politics is impossible because politics is a very complex field, in which only the person get successes in making space who is hard worker, passionate, devout, disciplined and passive.
Politics can do everyone. Rich and poor both can do politics. Because politics is not the name of money game. Politics is based on ideology and through these political ideologies a change and revolution can be brought in society. Politics does not belong to any religion, caste, creed, color and race, nor politics is based on it. Politics based on caste system, racism and extremism becomes the cause of destroying  societies and nations. The one who makes politics on the basis of religion, caste, creed, color, and race then understands certainly that he is leading you in the darkness by confiscating your basic and fundamental rights.
As a result, the youth should get involved with political consciousness at all levels so that the eyes of the youth in the political arena can fill the gap of youth politics.
In the end, I would say to students and youth that if they want to solve their problems and shape the future then along with science and modern technology then do contribute more and more in politics by key role. Through politics youth can make progressive country  and the name of a country in the world.
The above mentioned article was in Sindhi language by Kundan Malhi and is translated by Dolat Chandani.