Abolishing the Jobs


Mujeeb Ali Samo
This is alarming news for the aspirant candidates who were dreaming that when the PTI government will come in power they shall confer jobs to the aspirant candidates as promised by the PTI Chairman during his election campaign that he shall create a million jobs for the youth. There are various speeches where he made tall claims that PTI believes in granting jobs on merit and shall generate one million jobs for the unemployed youth. he gave hope to the unemployed youth and for that, the youth was
optimistic and voted him with the hope that this party will be transparent in selection and merit so the youth supported him in the election for his success. Since his ascendancy in the power, the PTI government was hope for the youth. High qualified youth were waiting to acquire a job on merit in the federal government. All hopes are shattered now, the speeches of chairman Imran khan were null and void. PM Imran promised during his election campaign two and a half years ago was all contemplation.
The aspirant youth will be shocked when they listen that more than 71,000 posts in various government departments have been abolished under the institutional reforms policy. The heart-wrenching news will disappoint the youth who were dreaming to join their desired department that now these posts are abolished with assigning reason that these posts were vacant for the last one year. This sad news broke when the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms Dr. Ishrat Hussain gave a briefing on the restructuring of the federal government. He told that over 71,000 posts in various federal government
departments lying vacant for over a year had been abolished. After the restructuring process, the number of federal government departments had been brought down to 324 from 441. It is requested by Prime Minister before abolishing the vacant post. He should ask for the briefing from the adviser how much time the federal public service commission takes to recruit the new appointment in the department. The candidates lose the hope that he is an aspirant candidate for the announced post. The federal public service commission takes two to three years in their selection process. If that much time is
taken then all the federal department jobs are irrelevant for the occupancy. when there is a delay in the recruitment for the post in the department then all the reasonable assignments are left unaccomplished. This causes pendency and prolongation in the work. it is also seen that the charge is given to one who is subordinate in the institution for time being. This practice brings overload and formality in the work in the department. The vacant position is always given to none professional as an extra charge. If this reform is brought into action than all the federal institutions will remain unnecessary. It is a plea to the prime minister Imran khan that kindly don't abolish the vacant post in respective departments but rather ensure the efficiency in the department and evaluate the proficiency
in the work of an individual. Similarly, it is hoped that instead of abolishing the jobs in the various federal departments the incumbent government will increase the number of jobs in other departments so that the talented youth achieve the job for which he was aspirant.