72 years of unarmed Kashmiris and oppression

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Gohar Zaman Babar
It is a fact that this is the slogan of every Kashmiri Muslim in occupied Kashmir and this is the decision that Kashmir will become Pakistan and that too because the hearts of all the Muslims in the Nation of Islam beat together and every heartbeat The message of love and brotherhood is being heard. That is why today Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruthless terrorists of his fascist organization RSS are seeing and feeling their defeat with their own eyes. Hindu extremist Modi He has broken all the mountains of tyranny and has seen a horrible story of oppression and barbarism at the height of his brutality and savagery. He and his followers have not been able to achieve their nefarious and shameful
goals. The year is a long time. A year is about to pass. The tyrant and ruthless Modi has locked down the unarmed and oppressed Kashmiris and told the world with his dirty and filthy character that he is not a human being. Humanity seeks refuge. More than that, he will show his and what an ugly face to the world. Every civilized, humble and peace-loving nation of Modi and his followers. The faces are starting to hate because there is an end to tyranny. Modi has even left behind the characters of history, even Genghis Khan and Hulagu Khan. Hitler's soul also saw the brutality of this tyrant. There will be trembling, but it is not known to him, "O enemy, which nation did you challenge?" Hashmi is 'Jihad whose faith and courage and bravery is its glory'. It is great. "Oppression is oppression, then it increases, then it disappears." Insha'Allah, the time is not far when the oppressed Kashmiris will get their right to self- determination and they will be in the clutches of the evil Indian beasts. The hearts of Kashmiri Muslims have been beating with the hearts of Pakistani Muslims since day one and they know very well that Kashmir is the lifeblood of Pakistan. And it may remain separate, so Occupied Kashmir will soon be part of Pakistan. With this fear and dread, Narendra Modi is dreaming of changing the geographical position of Hindus in the Occupied Territories by giving them fake and unconstitutional citizenship. But this will never happen. Kashmiri Muslims are fully capable of protecting and defending their status as their
homeland. Liberal leaders and liberal parties are not in the least unaware of their freedom, sanctity and sanctity. Martyrdom is the ascension of a believer. The world is seeing that the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir have heated up the market of unjustified tyranny and barbarism. The whole valley has been bathed in blood. A number of Kashmiri youth are being brutally martyred. Old fathers are tired of carrying the bodies of their young sons. Mother's laps are constantly being torn apart. Children are being orphaned. The honeymoon of the brides is being snatched away and the honor and dignity of the
Kashmiris are not safe. Despite this, the spirit of the Kashmiris has not changed in the slightest. They are fighting for their freedom in a manly manner. It will soon be free and the unarmed oppressed Kashmiris will have their destiny, but what will happen to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his fascist followers? More parts of India itself are going to be divided. While the superpowers of the time and human rights activists have to see that India's nuclear weapons are no longer safe from extremist
Hindus, Narendra Modi's brutal and extremist policies at any time will lead to the destruction of the whole of India. While Narendra Modi himself will be forced to see with his own eyes that India is fragmented into several states. The heart will be broken, so the nails of wisdom should be taken from it, otherwise if the water passes through the head, but the story of India will not be in the stories. The current government of Pakistan has the honor that it has always and The case of Kashmir has been presented with full determination and enthusiasm at every forum. Only the historic address of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan to the UN General Assembly resonated in the
houses of the world. It is very easy to say, very difficult to do. The previous governments of Pakistan, despite all the resources, did not raise their voice for the Kashmir cause, which is the honor of the present government. In the past, the Kashmir Committees and their The chairman could not play an active and dynamic role but now our foreign policy is clear and unequivocal with regard to Kashmir. Pakistan will continue to support Kashmiris in all respects. The Pakistani government and the entire nation have never left the oppressed Kashmiris alone. The disgusting face of Narendra Modi and his
followers has been exposed. The dark night of oppression is about to break. Daughter's dawn is about to dawn. Pakistan will celebrate Kashmir's independence with full pomp and circumstance. The victory of Kashmir is in fact the victory of Pakistan and the entire Muslim Ummah. We assure the souls of our
Kashmiri martyrs that O martyr of the homeland! I swear by your blood, I will keep your name alive at all times, death is the name of your new life, you have a cup full of martyrdom, this is the message on your lips, this is how our footsteps will continue to grow. 'Kufr will end and India will fail' will suffer a humiliating defeat and we will continue to fight the case of Kashmir with full force and strength in every forum of the Pakistani world. "Our nuclear assets are safe and our fearless armed forces are ready to respond to the enemy at any time," he said.

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