Kashmiris to celebrate Eid ul Azha on first August

Altaf Hamid Rao.


MIRPUR (AJK):    (Parliament Times)    People across Jammu & Kashmir state dwelling both sides of the Ceasefire Line (CFL) are all set to celebrate Eid ul Azha on August 1st – Saturday with traditional religious zeal and fervor.

AJK government has announced three official holiday from July 31 to Aug. 02 on account of Eid ul Azha across AJK.

In the continuation of the renewal of the religious, historic and invincible bondage with Pakistan, people of Jammu & Kashmir at both sides of the Ceasefire Line – AJK and IOJK and rest of the world will celebrate Eid ul Azha simultaneously with the scheduled observance of the festival in Pakistan on August 1st – with traditional religious and devotion with the renewal of the resolve to continue acting upon and upholding the teachings of Islam.

The day will dawn with special prayers in the mosques for the stability, integrity, unity and solidarity of the Muslim Ummah, progress and prosperity of Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir, early liberation of all occupied Muslim homelands including Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir and Palestine – besides for the early success of the Kashmir freedom movement.

In Azad Jammu Kashmir, special Eid ul Azha prayer congregations will be held at all small and major cities and towns of all ten districts of the liberated territory including the state’s metropolis Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli, Bhimbher, Haveili, Hattiyan, Bagh, Sudhanoti, Rawalakot and Neelam valley districts where the people will offer Eid prayer at the mosques, eid gahs and open places by strictly observing the set SOPs to avert threat of the spread of the novel Corona Virus – which has already gripped various parts of the world including AJK since over past 05 months.

Later on the ‘farzandan-e-Touheed’ will sacrify animals following the foot step of the towering personality of Hazrat Ibrahiem (AS) who by obeying the order of Allah Almighty, asked his son Hazrat Isnmail (AS) for his sacrifice. Any way, Ismaiel (AS) walked smilingly to the altar. The knife did not work. Hazrat Ismaiel (AS) survived. A sheep was slaughtered instead and Muslims were directed to commemorate the event every year.

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