“The alchemist”

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Kashif Sagheer
The Alchemist is the best selling phenomenon in the market from twenty five years. The Alchemist book is written by a Brazilian writer named as Paulo Coehlo who originally insribed it in Portuguese language in 1988, later on, the book had been translated into 67 various languages and more than 65 millions of copies have been sold across the globe whose writer is still alive. Additionally, the book got entitled with Guinness World Record for getting translated most into different languages. This book is all about a dream of a young shepard guy who is in quest of his destiny. The boy was dozing once in a destroyed
and hauted church where he saw the recurring dream once again in which a small child reveals a treasure buried underneath of a pyramid in Egypt but before he did not get solemn with his dream, luckily this time he intended to go to a gypsy for the interpretation of his dream, ahead there are many events before his transition on the path for persuing his destiny. The boy knew if he goes in search of his destiny there are many castrophic eventualities but he was defiance of those. It was certain nothing good is going to get done without taking risk. This book expounds how for the dreamers the night is short and for the persuers and accomplishers the day is short. The master peace by all corners mutters
that days always fall without eternity. I have absorbed some perspective through this book and might yours are distinct than mine, which are; only dreaming is considered a sin without getting transferred onto the path which may lead to the dreamt distination, a person without dreams is only a breathing skeleton, and dreams are the feul of our hard work and consistency. “In the journey of meeting our dreams if we face trillions of outrageous outcomes, we must refer ourselves an army of quadrillion in oneself. Thinking about the sufferings is more overwhelming, grievious and stern than suffering itself.
There are multitude intimations waiting for us but we must be steady to concede them defeat.” The book explains. I strictly recommend this book a read to those who are intimedated to get transited on the trajectory that conpires in accomplishing the dreams due to the anticipated eventualities. I would like to mention the last certain spiritual lines which penetrated into my soul that used to be impenetrable, “ When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it

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