Meat on Eid-ul-Azha

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Imtiaz Essa Halepoto
This Eid of holy slaughter is highly celebrated by all Muslim population across world. Simultaneously, almost all muslims slaughter animals in these three auspicious days. Thus it produces meat in large amount and muslims consume it for several days. Some hoards it in refrigerators for use of weeks and sometimes for months. Consequently, meat loses its nutritional values and causes human health problems. Overeating of meat also creates many problems such as it increases cholesterol level, high blood pressure and stomach related problems; Diarrhea, Vomiting, etc… In Pakistan, Last year during this religious festival, thousands of patients were admitted for several problems throughout country into
hospitals due to overeating and consuming frozen meat for weeks. According to Doctors, almost 90 percent patients having stomach complaints were adult who consumed more meat than digestive level.
Thus it leads to health problems. Doctors say "Those who usually refrain from eating ‘red meat’ due to high blood pressure also start eating it on Eidul Azha". Which causes negative impacts on health. Medical experts advices that one should not eat more than 70 grams of meat in a day because more meat can lead to problems. They say "people even stop eating bread and live on meat solely. They insist people to use a lot of yogurt, fruits, Salad and vegetables alongwith meat during Eid-Ul-Azha. Doctors
also prohibit the use of animal fat as oil which is unhygienic. Vegetable oil should be used for cooking and people should avoid eating dishes made of animal fat,”. Citizens should ensure that barbecues are fully cooked because half-cooked meat takes much more time to digest and sometimes, it affects digestive system. Pediatrician advice parents to take special care of their children during this Eid and abandon more consumption of meat. As It would cause diarrhoea and vomiting to children. moreover use of cold drinks with food also affects the digestive system. Thus one should take care of his/her health alongwith children. We need consume meat according to our digestive system and follow these
guides in upcoming Eid-UL-Azha. So that we could abstain ourselves from health problems. One should also consume meat as per adviced by Doctors. Because Health is wealth and once it is snatched, will hardly come back with its previous efficiency.

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