19 July resolution marks Kashmiris’ unconditional love for Pakistan: Saghar

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Islamabad:   (Parliament Times)    While terming 19th July resolution as a historic document the acting chairman Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar has said that on this day in 1947 Kashmiri leadership had decided to link their future with the nascent state of Pakistan.

In a special message released on the Day, Saghar said that this day had also assumed great significance in the history of Kashmir because the historic resolution was adopted a month before the creation of Pakistan and India under the Partition Plan on August 14 and 15 respectively. “This was the reason that the 14th August, the day when Pakistan came into being as a sovereign independent state, was celebrated throughout the state with great fanfare”, he said adding that it was an undeniable fact that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is geographically, historically and culturally and ethnically linked to the state of Pakistan.

Referring to the matchless sacrifices rendered by the Kashmiri nation he said, “During the decades’ long struggle Kashmiris have witnessed relentless massacres, molestation of women, random killings of political leaders and workers, and custodial killings at the hands of Indian occupation forces”. He pointed out that thousands of people have been severely tortured and rendered disabled while the human rights violations at the hands of Indian occupation troops have become order of the day.

Reiterating Kashmiris’ pledge to take the ongoing liberation movement to its logical conclusion the DFP leader said that, “Kashmiri people will never give up in the face of Indian state repression”.

Referring to the Machiavellian Machinations by the Indian state he said that the BJP led government in New Delhi was hell bent on changing the demographic completion of the state by granting citizenship and other rights to non-Kashmiris. He, however, maintained that the Indian tactics to stifle Kashmiris’ legitimate struggle has miserably failed.

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