Online education


Arbaz Nizamani
During this ongoing pandemic, the Higher Education Commission has announced online classes for students across the country. While ignoring the number of issues that were faced by teachers and students due to these classes, the Higher Education Commission continues with them. While it is a great initiative for following SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) or taking precautions regarding the COVID- 19 virus, it has terribly affected our learning process due to the lack of resources available. Additionally,
students from rural areas face issues with obtaining the facilities for online classes. Questions regarding the availability of the internet, the feasibility of affording devices and the degree of familiarity with the online system arose when online education was introduced.Rather than learning, online classes have become an ordeal for rural areas students and hence.I criticize the online education system. Students are protesting and demanding the Higher Education Commission to waive their school fees and for the
providence of free internet access.



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