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Video game addiction Children who have experienced video game addiction understand that it is a real issue. All ages (especially teens and pre-teens) deal with real consequences associated with addiction when using computers and video games. Playing games is a good way for children to entertain themselves. The problem with video game addiction is not really in playing games, the addiction aspect comes into play when children play games all the time sacrificing significant things in life. This not only makes them less social but also affects other activities, such as outdoor activities, and family time.
Parents must ensure that their kids are using this technology only for a limited time, and not excessively. Their interests should also be towards outdoor games and sports.Muhammad Nasir Structural loopholes Why is optimum performance always hoped for in this ill-structured organisation whose foundations are deep-rooted in British colonialism? We have adopted the system of institutions from
the old system set up by the British, and hence there is a dire need to bring in institutional reforms if we want the system to work better. Regrettably, we are working in a system that we consider a sign of our past enslavement. But what happens if a nation adopts those structures that were made to enslave indigenous people, and implements them for a free public? For instance, the Annual Confidential Report (ACR) was established for the ultimate subordinates to follow the path established by colonial lords.
However, bureaucrats who are ultimately low-ranking are directed by higher officials to serve power lords’ interests as their future promotion is handicapped without their ultimate bosses’ consent owing to ACR. Similarly, bureaucracy transfer has been one of the key issues behind ineffective administration. Since the system is run by the power lords who are close to policymakers, those bureaucrats who are their puppets are selectively brought into offices for fulfilling their purposes. Firstly, they are recruited through political influence, although, not all, and then they are set into position overwhelmingly.
Therefore, it is necessary to fill all these long-existing loop-holes through a pragmatic approach combined with strict enforcement. There should be a proper rotation system of transfer for bureaucracy and it should be apolitical.Sohail Ahmed Soomro ErtugrulThe show airs on PTV in Urdu as the PM has ensured that the show is open to everybody. In a gathering, the Prime minister Khan met with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad at UNGA. It is the vision
of our leader that the Muslim world has its own social legacy and qualities, yet we are investigating western ones. The drama not only showers light on the historical background of the Ottoman Empire but also shows and guides us to the right path in Islam. “The triumph isn’t our own. It has a place with Allah.”Ayesha ZamanCOVID-19 and illiteracyPakistan is currently going through a crucial time; the government has decided to make the difficult decision of easing the lockdown to let the poor section of
society earn their livelihoods, and to keep the economic wheel of the country running. Though the state- issued strict SOP’s, we as members of the public have failed to abide by them. Cooperation was expected from the citizens, unfortunately, those expectations were not fulfilled. Furthermore, the amount of people who view the pandemic as a myth is shocking. Ultimately, the main factor of this behaviour can be illiteracy. It is said that if you want to destroy a nation, you must first destroy its education. According to the UNESCO report 2020, the literacy rate of Pakistan, compared to other countries, is extremely low, and the quality of education substandard. Expecting the public to abide by
the SOP’s is almost a utopian task. There are various conspiracy theories flourishing within public opinion regarding the existence of the novel coronavirus.

-Sohail Ahmed Soomro


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