Cheating is a blemish on the glories


Parvez Moula Bakhsh
Students who are called learners, the backbone of any nation, country, and the brightness to darkness for any nation have gone onto wrong directions and adopted a culture of cheating. Really, it is heart- threatening that students, who need to get ride of wrong, are getting involved in wrongs things. Truly, most of students do not even bother to see inside the books, notebooks and worksheets too because they know that they will be passed even by cheating in exams but alas they do not know that they are not just cheating in exams but also they are cheating their with parents, who live for the succession of their children, as well. It also leads to immense problems and causes a huge number of losses as though, the loss of education, faith, hardwork, real success, etc. However, The word cheating is itself an unacceptable, negative, catastrophic, unsatisfied and blemish. It hurts me a lot to see students, the future of their nation, country, parents, and other loved ones, cheating in exams shamelessly. I think, nowadays students are learning more to cheat than to get, acknowledge, experience, etc because I have always seen many of students even some of my narrow-minded friends preparing to cheat ( but not to remember the exams) in exams. Furthermore to say that people do what is easy for them. It simply
means, cheating is not in the nature of students actually they see no other ways and then they embrace different types of ways to pass the exams. Of course, they pass the exams but actually they lose because such success is a failure and such easiness is an ignorance and guide to false too. But unfortunately, some of students do not understand that they are also influencing other students to cheat and to develop unsatisfactory ways. The world is not only developed but also it has developed many catastrophes, destructions, etc within it simply, every good has bad as well. But, we can find good in bad things. Therefore, you, the youth and strength of our country, societies, family etc should not cheat in
exams and you should know that cheating means embracing wrong and ignorance which are not only blemishes on the glory of students but also everyone in the universe.


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