Today’s message to all parents


Fida Basheer Sajidi
Today’s message to all parents. Education is a basic right of every child. It is the duty of every man and woman to acquire knowledge. We should make every effort and acquire knowledge. And make every effort to save our future generation from ignorance. It is not far from what it was a few years ago. We have to give our children pens and books instead of weapons. We must not forget that without knowledge man does not even know his Lord. Now let us send our children to school instead of farming and herding goats. Some people have to say what kind of job our children will get. It is a matter of luck
whether we get a job or not, but it is wrong for us not to try. In fact, the highest degree of morality in the world. What is the degree of benefit that deprives one of morality? Do we remain ignorant even after getting a degree? A person who is afraid of losing more than success can never be successful. It is not written in any book that only the richest people can get education.


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