Hindutva philosophy hegemony implies cleansing of Kashmiris through change in demographic structure of Kashmir: PM


ISLAMABAD:    Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has reiterated resolve Pakistan will continue to extend diplomatic, political and moral support to Kashmiris till their just struggle to seek right to self-determination bears fruit. ..

In his statement issued on the occasion of Kashmir Martyrdom Day PM said Pakistan stands with unflinching perseverance behind people of Kashmir in their just struggle for their right to self-determination. .Pakistan will continue to support Kashmiris for their liberation from unjust Indian occupation.

The day is not far when Kashmiris will succeed in their freedom struggle. The forefathers have been rendering sacrifices of their lives from generation to generation for liberation from the fetters of Indian illegal occupation. People of Kashmir are struggling valiantly at present against domination of Hindutva Supremacist regime which is all out to cleanse Kashmiris by changing the demographic structure of Kashmir.

He cautioned that hegemony of Hindutva philosophy means to efface the identity of Kashmiris.

“I salute Kashmiris for their struggle against Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. The ongoing resistance movement is continuity of July 13,1931 struggle for freedom by the martyrs”, he underlined. .


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