By Dr Abdul Razak Shaikh,


A video link discussion of prominent consultants were held on 11th July 2020 by Senator Dr Karim Khuwaja President Peoples Doctors Forum Pakistan, the daughter wing of Pakistan Peoples Party. The objective of this discussion was “Situation of COVID -19 pandemic myths and realities in Pakistan way forward ‘’

The session was Started with the condolence for a large number of deaths occurring in the world, one minute’s silence was observed.

Professor Bhekha Ram Vice Chancellor of LUMS university Jamshoro has advised that Corona positive peoples must go in Isolation till the PCR comes Negative. He said that Social distance is the best way for prevention and old age people need special care. Professor Bheka Ram Said the role of Cortisone is controversial during the treatment. Professor Jameel Ahmed Dean, Faculty of Medicine Baqai Medical University said that the mortality rate in Pakistan is 2 per cent whereas it has been observed in many different countries up to 12 percentage. Professor Dr. Amanullah Abbassi Coordinator for Covid-19 Dow University has suggested the Pesh Imam of Mosque, Teachers, District Health Officers, Deputy Commissioners and NGO organizers play a very important role for awareness to Public and still needed highly efforts to Covance the people of Pakistan. Dr. Ashiq Hussain Shah President Peoples doctors Forum Karachi Division has highlighted the efforts of Sindh Government and informed that there is a downfall in the admission of the Corona cases in 29 Hospital of Sindh both private and Public sectors. He informed that the testing capacity of Sindh is more than 13000 per day, even that advocacy required to public. Dr Jawed Iqbal General Secretary Peoples Doctors Forum Punjab has observed that fake Statistics were made in their province and testing is decreasing. He demanded that Peoples of Punjab be treated equally as in Province of Sindh. Professor Dr Syed Zafer Hyder Psychiatrist has suggested that people should know the severity of Covid-19. In many cases, the panic disorder has been observed therefore we must go for our safety. Professor Dr Khalida from Community Medicine of LUMS Jamshoro said that our Department has involved all our postgraduate students of MPH for awareness to common peoples.

Dr.Muhammad Suleman Otho Public Health Specialist has suggested that Ethantic information should come properly and that must aware of the public and we prepare accordingly. Dr Suhail Sahto Eminent Radiologist spoke about the changes in the X-ray and said that positive cases must be treated as per severity in X-ray. The expert deliberated on the way the pandemic is taking shape in the world and region. It was highlighted that if we do not keep our preventive approach than we may face the loss of lives. Pointing to the local scenario the general population has been warned of coming three major events, The EID UL UZHA than Mahramul Haram and latter on Eid Ul Milad ul Nabi, So we must keep the preventive strategies in mind. The testing level must be enhanced, where the level has gone down like Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan , Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

The government has not done any planning or contract about the availability of Vaccine, once it comes in the market. The vaccine may be kept free of cost to every citizen of Pakistan. The Organizer of Programm Senator Dr Karim Khuwaja concluded the session with thanks to all the participants and speakers, Who enhanced the knowledge to all. There was around 50 participant from various walk of life. Earlier Writer has also spoken about the Situation in Karachi, Where percentage in testing cases of positive are high and we are lucky that our death ratio in Pakistan is two per cent. Herd immunity is better in the rural population than urban. The concluded session was the opinion that we should care as Preventive measures and Government use all efforts to increase testing capacity and all the well notable to be used for Awareness among the people of Pakistan.


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