JL chief demands UN to declare India a rouge state



Lahore: Pakistan Jamhoori League chief Rana Zaman Saeed has demanded from the United Nations to declare Indian forces and Narendra Modi as terrorists and said that the time has come for the Muslim Ummah to unite under the leadership of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Army under the leadership of Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa will crush all the intentions of India. Talking to activists including Secretary General Sohail Ahmed, Secretary Zahid Hameed Gondal and Dr Atif on Sunday, Rana Zaman Saeed said that Narendra Modi was the world’s best genocide of innocents in Kashmir by Indian forces. He said that the time has come for the United Nations to declare Indian forces and Modi as terrorists and to immediately rid Kashmiris of Indian atrocities and the United Nations to fulfill its promise to liberate Kashmiris. He said that we are proud that Pakistan’s armed forces are giving a blunt answer to India on all fronts. Because Modi does not understand the language of love and until the Kashmir issue is resolved, peace in the region will not be possible under any circumstances. He said that Pakistan is facing many challenges nowadays but we are all together.We have to make Pakistan strong and prosperous and give a strong Pakistan to future generations.


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