Is it the fault of masses?

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Muhammad Hussain khan;

Pakistan is the sole country which has experienced a different form of governments as well as an immense statesman as well. Pakistan appeared on the world map in 1947. From the beginning, Pakistan has been combating multi quandaries. For instance, energy crisis, low economy, impuissant political institutions, bellicose relationship with neighbours and so on. A thus different form of governments and statesman wanted to abstract the aforementioned quandaries. These were abstracted if they were authentically sincere and vigorous hope but regrettably, they did not have these things. That is why immense statesmen and different form of governments such as the Presidential form of government. In addition, Military additionally have experienced and ruled over 40 years, but they withal failed. Nowadays, there is a Parliamentary form of government in Pakistan. Now, we go back the history of Pakistan for some moments and optically canvass the history, what was going at that time. There were two major parties. One was Awami league which lead by Sheikh Mujib Rehman and another one was PPP and lead by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. When the 1971 election was held Sheikh was the victor with 51 % seat. It is the principle of democracy, the majority has the right to make the government. Thus, it was the right of Sheikh Mujib for making the government at that time. However, west Pakistan did not concur to transfer the puissance to East Pakistan, the modern designation is Bangladesh. As a result, we lost a chunk of a piece of land in the form of Bangladesh. It was the fault of compos mentis statesmen rather than masses. After this woeful event, Nawaz Sheriff emerged as the major party of Pakistan and some other minute parties such as Jimmat Islami, MQM. Now the time and moments were on the side of PPP and PML (N) side. Every time, they were playing the final match of every election. Consequently, they paved the way for heritage politics in Pakistan. Now the one can visually perceive that the major politicians in Pakistan, Bilawal is the grandson of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was the progenitor of PPP and Maryam Nawaz and Humza Sherif, the daughter and Nephew of Nawaz Sheriff respectively who was the progenitor of PML(N). These two families were ruled over Pakistan for forty-eight years. This was an astronomically immense time. If, they were sincere with the country and Pakistani people then they could make Pakistan as tranquillity and developed country. Regrettably, they did not this rather they brought Pakistan on the edge of diversion. Thus masses did not merely suffer the psychology quandaries rather they lost hope and always thought what makes Pakistan. Albert Einstein said, insanity, doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. Therefore masses wanted to change the leadership. However, the ray came in the form of Imran khan. Who has a golden history in cricket life? He is the only Pakistani captain who made Pakistan as Champion and won the one-day world cup in 1992. His history was much clear as a white mirror. The most consequential, he does not belong to the aforesaid politician family. Ergo, he was not hoping for mascara park for abstracting the heritage political system in Pakistan. In short, he entered politics as a hero. Masses had immense hopes from him. They made him as PM of Pakistan in 2018 election. He had umpteenth promised to mass and verbalized, I would abstract corruption, impecuniosity, boost GDP, and make good relationship with neighbours countries a well as amend the edification and health sectors. Inauspicious, he does not leave the aforementioned quandaries on the same situation as afore rather it escalates these quandaries and has made the country worse. According to the corruption index, Pakistan ranks at 120 in corruption while in anterior government it was 117. Similarly, the impecuniosity level withal has increased. The GDP of Pakistan come to nosedive. Nowadays the GDP of Pakistan is 2.3 %. I don much verbalize on the aforementioned quandaries which are less paramount for me. As Nelson Mandela verbalized, Education is the most puissant weapon which can transmute the whole world. Thus live countries do not compromise on education and health sectors. In short, Pakistan once again failed in these sectors as well. Afore becoming as PM he more emphasised on these sectors but nowadays he forgets all of his promises which he did with masses during the campaign of the election. To cut prolix story short masses withal test Imran khan. He withal failed in the exam of masses. Now masses have tested immense of statesmen for Pakistan, but they don transmute a single point. It is only masses which can bring change to the country. The answer is quite simple, to live in unity. Edify one another and reverence the reprehension of others. Engenders the tolerance matter in every Field life. Most consequential reverence the other religion and culture. As maulana Wahid Uddin verbalizes, Follow one religion and reverence al If masses follow this golden principle then the world would visually perceive Pakistan as placidity and developed country. To sum it up, my point on the quotation of P.B. Shelley f winter comes, can spring be far behind.
-The writer graduated. Bs hon English literature from Punjab University Lahore.

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