Claimants of turning Larkana into Paris could not build a sewerage system



Ghulam Mahdi Baloch

LARKANA: Claimants to build Paris could not build a sewerage system in Larkana.

According to the details, the residents of the various areas of Larkana including Gajan Poor Muhalla are deprived from drainage systems.

The residents of Gajan Poor Muhalla namely Kashif Soomro, Hussain Ashiq, Lateef Dayo and others told the media that they are facing many problems due to the failure of Municipal Corporation Larkana.

They said that Despite written requests, the incompetent municipal administration could not fix the area’s sewerage system, however, draining water for a few hours on a temporary basis but no permanent solution is being worked out.

Residents of the area have demanded an audit of works and funds, dismissing the mayor’s claims of desalination of drainage across the city of Larkana as hollow.

Citizens believe that it is unfortunate that officers and institutions save themselves by blaming each other.


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