Mirpur DBA writes to Prime Minister Imran Khan:


Calls for early conducting of seismic survey of Mangla dam to ascertain cause of repeated earthquakes in the Lake City:

Altaf Hamid Rao;

MIRPUR, (Parliament Times)): July 9: In a whirl-wind move followed by recent frequent earthquakes in Mirpur city of Azad Jammu Kashmir, holding country’s largest reservoir in its lap, the District Bar Association Mirpur Thursday demanded of the government of Pakistan to immediately order for exercising seismic / geological survey of the Mangla dam to study the pre and post conditions of the much-feared repercussions and effects of its raising on its soil and the surrounding areas.

Our AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao reports that in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan, Mirpur DBA President Mirza Qamar Zaman underlined that recent frequent earthquakes especially the last two days consecutive emerging of the catastrophe on July 7 and 8 this year has caused a great panic among the local population who fears the raising of the dam, the cause of the frequent earthquakes in Mirpur city and adjoining downward areas since the deadly earthquake experienced in the city on September 24 and 26 last year and June 13 this year. The DBA President maintained that the repeatedly breaking out of the earthquakes soon after impounding of water level to the maximum level of 1242 feet at each season ever since the raising of the dam for the socio-economic progress and prosperity of Pakistan, emerging of great panic and unrest among the residents of Mirpur AJK was indeed a natural phenomenon, he added.

Mirza Qumar uz Zaman urged for getting the local population relieved from the prevailing round-the-clock panic and mental unrest through holding seismic and geological survey of the Mangla dam reservoir and its surrounding areas by a joint team of international and national geological experts .

The DBA President continued that since people of Jammu & Kashmir always considered Pakistan their ultimate destination in all respect, they always gave the sacrifices for the stability, prosperity and existence of the country enriched with due socio economic progress. Under the very high spirit and despite various reservations the people of Mirpur district twice sacrificed their ancestral abodes and the graves of their elders since the advent of the construction of Mangla dam 1960 and later its upraising seven years ago for the socio economic progress and prosperity of Pakistan, Mirza Qamar said.

Concluding the DBA President underlined that the people of Mirpur practically demonstrated their above high-spirited role time and again in deep-rooted and ever-lasting love and affection with Pakistan, which the people of Jammu & Kashmir have and demonstrated, for the construction and later raising of the Mangla dam, when most of the national and regional political parties of Pakistan were not, and even now, not agreed to the much-needed construction of Kala Bagh dam in the country. Qamar requested for the immediate sympathetic look by the Prime Minister of Pakistan into the tense situation prevailing among the panic-stricken Mirpur population caused by the ongoing frequent earthquakes in the area.