Academic Dishonesty


Mujeeb Ali Samo
The recent viral news of harassment on students by a teacher took me to deep grief. The Lahore
Grammar School’s (LGS) 1A1 branch located in Ghalib Market has fired four teachers over allegations of
sexual harassment and sending objectionable pictures and messages to at least eight female students.
The students spoke up about these allegations on social media in detail. I wonder why teachers have lost
the sense that they are the spiritual fathers of the students. The relation between student and teacher is
sacred and based on mutual understanding. It is generally believed that the teacher is a vital role player
in the grooming of the students. He has a unique status in society as compared to other professions
because he carries the prophetic mission. He is the carrier of moral and distinguished respect in the
community. If he is accused of maltreatment and ill-mannered behavior towards the students, in this

way, he discourages youth to avail the education. A survey conducted by Alif Ailaan has shown there are
nearly 1.4 million teachers in Pakistan — both in the public and private sectors — of which 0.65 million
(51 percent) teach only in government-run schools. Further, the report admits that over 40% of teachers
received no training in Pakistan before joining the educational institution. It means that our education
sector is continually declining and giving chance to refutation. The cases of harassment and seduction
are increasing on daily basis. It needs thorough attention of the government and the civil society
because if the reputation of a teacher is brought under the question then whole the education system
shall be at stake. Your youth male and female shall be deprived of education though it is inserted in
Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan which obligates the state to provide free and compulsory
quality education to children of the age group 5 to 16 years. "The State shall provide free and
compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be
determined by law". It is believed that education can change the fate of the masses. The state is
responsible for providing fundamental rights to its citizens. The literacy rate surveyed by the federal
minister of education on its website is for the year 2020 in total 73.3% and the male enrollment is
82.5%, the female ratio is 59.8%. Categorically in the division it is the total enrollment at the primary
level is 50,616,000, the secondary level is 2,334,400 and the post-secondary level is 1,949,00. The
teachers' ration is 1.4 million against all the students in Pakistan at a primary and higher level. If the
proper supervision is at flaw than the education system in Pakistan shall decline. The government at
both level provincial as well as federal take responsibility as a priority to monitor lapses which causes
irregularity among the learned and the taught. It must be the foolproof step because the education of
the female is at stake The particularly if the enrollment of female students is less as compared to the
male students it is because of less insecurity in society. Education is the only source that can bring the
change in individuals' character if it is under threat then hardly there shall be any trust in teachers to
dispense among the students. It is generally asserted that the teacher is the nation builder he can
change the conservative minds and insert the light in the minds of bigot. The teacher's role in
enlightening the masses is very prime in every civilized nation. We do not doubt his pious mission.
Generally in such civilized societies, he is considered as their guru or it shall not be an exaggeration if
name him as a spiritual father. It is presumed that the fathers who are biologically showing the identity
with the children because they have given him\her only existence in the world but the teachers have
given the way to live life. The teaching of morality, etiquette, religion, and the world is always conferred
by the teacher to the student. If such a pivotal role player in the society is accused of sexual harassment
or other manhandling activities towards the students. He not only defames his character but also
demoralizes the sacred profession of teaching in society. It is a matter of serious concern for the rest of
the teaching profession because the character of a person demoralizes the character of other
professional good teachers. I urge the government to give proper professional training to the teachers
before assigning him a job as a teacher at any educational institution. I see that our society is already
afraid of sending their children to avail of education because every day the cases of harassment and
maltreatment are rampantly increasing. it creates fear in the parents. Our society discourages parents
from sending their daughters to education. Some of the students also belong to rural areas where
education for daughters is a challenge. People of such areas are very conservative they will not allow
their daughters to go to universities to acquire education. They shall be deprived of education forever.
If the trust in teachers' character is lost then the female students shall be deprived of availing higher

education. This is also proposed that the government must appoint a psychologist in the educational
institutions who supervises the odd behavior of the student and teacher so that we restrain the
unwanted consequences. There shall be zero tolerance who is caught guilty in this heinous act from
either side. The proper legislation must be ensured for the wrong enacted from either side. while
accusing false shall be punished very severely because it is a matter of honor and dignity od the
profession. the social media messages and the complaint must be checked it come to the public.