Tobacco, sugary drinks are not necessities of life, says PANAH chief


RAWALPINDI,(Parliament Times):  An extraordinary meeting of the Civil Society Alliance was held at Rawalpindi Press Club under the auspices of Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) in which Nijat Trust, Peace Foundation, Kidney Patient Association, Burhani Foundation, Fatima Malik Welfare Trust, National Development Organization, Dia Foundation including Dr. Lawyers, journalists and representatives of tobacco victims attended the ceremony.

At the beginning of the ceremony, PANAH President General Masud-ur-Rehman Kiani said in a telephonic address that tobacco and sugary drinks are not our necessities of life but the cause of diseases, their use is increasing heart diseases. In the younger generation, the government must take effective measures to prevent its use. On the occasion, General Secretary (PANAH) Sanaullah Ghumman thanked the participants for coming and said that health is a fundamental right of every individual. It is the responsibility of the government; PANAH has raised its voice on every platform for the solution of public health issues. Nowadays, the campaign on the harmful effects of tobacco and sugary drinks on human health is in full swing. You would be surprised to know that Pakistan spends Rs 4 billion annually. Tobacco Years and sugary drinks are wasted, 166,000 people lose their lives every year due to smoking-related diseases, while about 1,200 children between the ages of 6 and 15 are exposed to smoking on a daily basis and the future of the country is at stake, Congressional Budget According to a research report by the Office of the CBO, 4 out of 5 people start smoking before the age of 18. Tobacco causes a number of diseases, including oral cancer, after more than 100 international analyzes on reducing its use. Proven to be the best strategy to prevent smoking is to impose taxes, to keep tobacco out of the reach of the common man, the use of sugary drinks like tobacco increases obesity which causes heart, stroke, cancer, diabetes, lung diseases, other diseases. 68% of deaths are due to obesity, a major cause of which is the consumption of sugary drinks, according to Cheryl Anderson, author of Mayanaz on Family and Public Health at the University of California, who consumes more than a dozen sugary drinks on a daily basis. They increase the risk of heart disease by 42%. Despite this study, according to the 2018 study, the production of sugar drinks in Pakistan stood at 2.063 billion liters, which continues to increase, despite all the research. Cardiologist and Chairperson Benazir Income Sports Program Dr. Sania Nishtar recently included PepsiCo in the agreement with Bank Al-Falah which we condemned and asked Prime Minister Imran Khan about the growing trend of consumption of sugary drinks and He appealed to the people to protect themselves from the diseases caused by it, while on the other hand, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recently imposed a 25% tax on e-cigarettes, which means legalizing e-cigarette companies. He also condemned the decision and appealed to the FBR authorities to immediately reverse the decision. Sanaullah Ghumman said that the harmful effects of smoking and consumption of sugary drinks are being ignored. Expressing his views, he said that we all have to play our role in saving the young generation. On this occasion, the participants appreciated the efforts of the PANAH seekers and assured to cooperate with them in every possible way.Finally, a resolution was tabled that the Prime Minister has to impose a complete ban on e-cigarettes to secure the future of the youth, Which was passed by all.