South China Sea, Turbulent Waters


Eruption of Corona Virus, a deadly pandemic, which has stirred the whole world and created widespread
panic amongst every citizen of the globe, irrespective of his territorial progeny, big powers as well as
small countries are engaged in their hectic struggle to save their population from the deadly effects of
corona virus. The pandemic has played havoc with all countries irrespective of their wealth or poverty,
the economy of all countries have come down to shattering point. Although the Covid 19 found its
birthplace in China, yet the analysts have witnessed the fact that china had overcome the pandemic
within a short span of time and had to face lesser havoc than that of other countries. China has incurred
the loss of human lives and economy but it was soon on the track of economic progress. Intellectuals,
scientists, historians wonder at the miracle that the birthplace of the pandemic China had suffered least
and economic giants like America are still groaning under the heavy death toll and continued economic
downfall. Although Covid-19 is a mammoth issue of the world, yet the intensity of other issues go
unabated. The sufferings of pandemic need prime attention, yet other issues of the world cannot be
ignored till indefinite span of time. South China Sea alongwith Ladakh fiery situation are now the core
issues of China. South China Sea, situation is growing to be more turbulent. Vietnam has, also, its stakes
in the sea. China claims the hegemony of a specific part of the sea. Vietnam wants the use of south
China sea to explore oil and gas reservoirs in the sea. Vietnam is now the head of ASEAN and had the
privilege of being none permanent member of Security Council. Vietnam may use its position to make
the world forum to realize that it its claim on china sea is not unwarranted. Oil and gas are potential
sources to make the economy of any country move ahead, to keep pace with the advancement of the
fast moving world. Although for the time being the eruption of pandemic had made the Vietnam to
divert its full attention on the fatal Covid-19, to alleviate its suffering effect on its populace, yet having
recovery from the worldwide pandemic, Veitnam may revert to refurbish and reinvigorate its right on
South China sea and the turbulence in the waters may grow to be more vibrant. Vietnam has assumed
the status of giving a clarion call to China to reverse in the sea to its lawful foothold and vicinity.
American influence in Philippines has decreased to minimum and due to the changing situation
Philippines President Deutrit is shackle-less to work in free atmosphere. The chances of awesome drama
on the pretext to curb terrorism have been decreased to least. President Deutrit’s incumbency as
President will end in 2022 and the big actor, is not in position to repeat a new episode of the old drama

in any country. The changing situation of the world due to eruption of Covid 19 especially that of
American economy obviously, the big giant will not be in position to nab the weaker country under the
pretext of terrorism curtailing measures. Analysts of stark right vision see the Vietnam as dark horse,
having the viability to rise as a big threat to China. Manila has, also, a history of perturbed relations with
Beijing. Reviewing the foregoing context, the analysts express apprehensions that the spark in ashes
may turn into flames anytime. Turbulence with Philippine and Vietnam may put China’s interests in
Jeopardy. China, being fast growing, economy is required to be vigilant of the developments taking place
fastly in the region. To act as a rampant horse may prove detrimental to China. Vietnam and Philippine
both are weaker to counter the strategic strength of China, yet being united to achieve their goals may
put China in troublesome situation.