Imtiaz Essa Halepoto

Books in Libraries give an opportunity to students, teachers, and scholars to read the vast material and
enrich ones minds. Similarly, book reading culture reminds the readers off history, ways to lead a
prosperous life in present and envision to make future plans. Moreover, it produces eminent historians,
scientists, well-versed scholars and predictive leaders. A scholar said "All leaders are good readers but all
readers are not good leaders". Therefore Government of Pakistan must honestly think of building the
libraries in each town. So that researchers, analysts, critics, scholars and students can get benefit and
make their studies whopping. To buy books and to make domestic Library in Pakistan, is a long of most
students but the costly books are hurdles in this task. However, constructing public libraries in every
town would work as road map for all The libraries, which are already constructed, should be more
enriched with all sorts of books and magazines. So that one could find all required material by visiting a
single Library. In Sindh, the lliteracy rate is more affected and low as compared to other provinces of
Pakistan. Thus Sindh needs more libraries and more attention of Government so as to uplift literacy rate
and cater students needs at their doorsteps.