Importance of Freedom of Expression


Bilawal Ali Lakho
" I disapprove what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it" (VOLTAIRE)According to
article 19 of Human right declaration that everyone has right to seek, recieve and impart information
through any media without being worried about the consequences. The cheif theorist of freedom of
expression was the 19th century british liberal thinker Jaun Staurt Mill. He argued that the only way
society can progess is by letting human beings express their opinions and views freely. Moreover, he
said that the west transformed in the leading civilization of the world because freedom of expression
underpinned the freedom of enquiry which made possible scientific research and discoveries. In
addition to this, Voltaire is another influential philosopher whose name is closely associated with the
idea of freedom of expression. It can futher be further guaged from the fact that freedom of speech has
become permenunt part of all constitutions throughout the globe. There are many importance of
freedom of expression in the world. Firstly, freedom of speech plays vital role in the creation of tolerent
and pluralistic society. This ensures that people of different colours, creed, class, sects and religion all
coexist peacefully. This can be traced through initiatives of PTI-led government in pakistan to open
kartarpur corridor for sikhs community and start to make temple in Islamabad for hindus. Secondly,
freedom of expression also plays crucial role to flourish democratic culture in the country that cause the
development of nation in the world. Owing to democratic culture and freedom of speech, the
stakeholders pressurise government to work for the welfare of society. Even the masses can protest
against any action and decision of the government as means to safeguard democratic culture, it is
because freedom expression is backbone of democratic culture. Thirdly, freedom of expression helps
enhancing accountability. Accountability is key tenet of democracy that seeks to hold leaders, individual
and policymakers responsible for their decision. It states that no institutions or individual is above than

law. Last but not the least, freedom of expression also helps to get rid of all evils from society. No social
evils can be eliminated untill and unless people speaks up against that malpractices. However, there are
several examples that demonstrate how a society is worse off in absence of right to free speech. United
States, which considered herself founder of freedom of speech, failed to provide basics rights to their
people according to first amendment in their constitution. Besides this, many other countries also
violate human rights and freedom speech for their political gains, an example in this regard is bratalities
against people of kashmir by the Indian government to abbrogate their special rights of life. The horrific
incident took place recently when old man was killed infront of his grandson by Indian Army. This clearly
depicts that how freedom of speech is denied that cause bloodshed and unrest in the society. To
conclude, it can be stated that freedom of speech is as important for society as heart is for human.
People got this benifit amid long struggle and sacrifices of people. Therefore, government of all
countries and colloborative efforts of international community are nedded to ensure freedom of speech
for people because it is blessing and backbone of democratic culture.