HEC ‘flouts’ its own policy regarding research journals, FAPUASA terms DG HEC ‘incompetent’


By Rafiullah Mandokhail
QUETTA: Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff
Association (FAPUASA) and Editors Association for National Research
Journals have expressed their deep concern over the injustices done with
the federation and rejected its new policy damaging the research culture in
the country.
Central Secretary General Professor Dr. Kaleemullah Barech, president
Editors Association for Research Journals Pakistan professor Dr. Syed
Bacha Agha, Director Pakistan Study Center University of Balochistan
professor Dr. Usman Tobawal, Professor Dr. Taleem Badshah and Dr.
Abdul Rehman Kakar while addressing a press conference said that Higher
Education Commission (HEC) has flouted its own policy regarding the
research journals and trying to push professors across the country to the
HEC should not make research a ‘child's play’ and refrain from damaging
the research at the hands of ‘incompetent’ Director General of R&D, who
has been brought from abroad and appointed on a two-year contract.
“None of the universities in the country is on the list of 300 and performing
according to the international standard. For the research journals, the HEC
has not mentioned ‘scoops’ in its policy accept international abstracting,”
they lamented.
They alleged that HEC imposes its own decisions, ignoring the members
associated with research and a board comprises of professors and doctors.
The federation not only condemned the HEC for its new policy but also its
‘incompetent’ head, who is now bent upon damaging the higher education
sector and discouraging the research trend in the country. They lamented
that the decision of an individual is being imposed on the researchers
contrary to its own policy.
Earlier, HEC had accepted Al-Manhal, Index Islamic, Australian Islamic
Library and IRI for the Islamic journals – approached with the help of hectic
efforts and expense, but surprisingly now HEC has denied it. Who will be
responsible and answerable for the expenses and efforts accessed to index
agencies?. FAPUASA asked the authorities concerned.