Exclude B.ed From Required Qualification In Education Sector


Sonia Magsi
Students are already depressed people in Pakistan.The recruitment policies in Education sector
particularly by Ministry of Sindh Education act as a salt to the injury. Around thousands people have
been waiting for the educational jobs every decade-long, simultaneously, when it comes to the time of
advertisement they lose hope and get depressed. Because, majority of the students in Sindh do not own
so-called B.ed and equivalent degrees. Not only this issue remains in Sindh, but in reality, people living in
other provinces of Pakistan are also suffering from this mainstream. There are several ways to alleviate
the pain of 14 and 16 years degree qualified students, notwithstanding, Government is not paying heed
to this major cause of unemployment in the Sindh province. Following two steps and unlike Written
exams in CSS, there must be an MCQs type test based on 5 subjects: English, General Science, Current
Affairs, Pakistan Affairs and International Affairs, with mandatory short oral interview to observe the
conduct and attitude of applied candidates. One who becomes successful in clearing these two steps
should be awarded order of appointment. B.ed must be excluded from required qualifications in
Education sector specially.