Govt must provide relief to poor, needy: Abdullah Gul




RAWALPINDI: July ( Press Release) President of Anjuman-e-Tajiran Punjab Wing Hafiz Noor-ul-Haq and Yasin Malik, Deputy Organizer, met Muhammad Abdullah Gul, Chairman, Tehreek-e-Jawanan-e-Pakistan at his residence in Murree in which they discussed in detail the governance style of the present government. On the occasion, Abdullah Gul said that the present government has broken all records of disorder. He said that the government relief of Rs.12000/- did not pay to every needy person. The government did not conduct any check in its place. People who were not named in the health card and Benazir Income Support Program did not get relief. Benazir Income Support had the names of most of the people who were loyal to ppp so the relief fund was mostly from Sindh and loyal to PPP ones. He said that the poor laborers who got passports for overseas labor were not included in the relief program which is a gross abuse to them. At present every unemployed Pakistani has got passports to go abroad so that he can earn his living for his family. The government should compile data on gentleman and poor people and provide relief to them. He said that the ministers of this government have broken all previous records of nepotism. The government has hired lame ministers and advisers who are working on their own agendas due to which the problems of common man are not solved Gul said.