Time to save the sinking society!-I


Aabid Shahin
Sometime back both the drug addiction and the easy availability of all sorts of the addictive material was
alien to Kashmir; the valley of saints. But the current decade which we live in has been showing
vulnerable increase in escalating graphs of addiction, suicide, depression, social disorder, and deaths.
With fear, mental trauma, social and political unrest deeply rooted in our society, the easy availability of
toxic substances at very fair prices is contributing to somewhat we name distortion of our sacred
ancestral, cultural, moral as well as religious heritage. This menace not only swallowed the lives to
unthinkable extent, but also triggered the tide of negatively affecting change into a big lot of society,
thereby reshaping destructively the main aspects of human thinking like how they (addicted lot) will
make decisions, what should they live for, how should they earn living, how well should they think what
good is and where should they place themselves as a necessary iota of rapidly sinking generation. With a
main focus on destroying the moral, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of the concerned section,
drug addiction and it’s expressions in our time are busy luring and inflicting the young population
of Kashmir. Beyond barrels and warfare, Kashmir reacts another genocide in the shape of drug abuse.
With already many generations lost to the ongoing conflict, Kashmir finds its youth intoxicated, devoid
of senses, and blown away by drugs. Kashmir is nowhere a saintly dressed heaven today but far more
horrific than hell. Yes, thousands of drug abuse cases go unreported, unnoticed, uncured every year and
result? Mushroom swelling in sudden death cycle, domestic violence, and other horrific crimes. What
health reports and newspaper headlines mention constitute only tips of non melting rigid iceberg, for
due to prevailing social stigma most cases stand overlooked. In a story published by Al Jazeera last year,
most drug abusers are aged between 15 and 30, and more than 80 percent are heroin users. This report
alone defines the sensitivity of the issue and the disastrous effects thereby arising from it. Doctors even
report that they have been receiving patients as young as eight years old in their centres on daily basis
thereby giving an idea of the magnitude of the irreparable disaster that has engulfed our Kashmir. While
this menace is the outcome of many causes, the ongoing conflict laden scenario has been adding fuel to
fire. Due to political instability and frequent shutdowns-unemployment, poor industrial mechanism,
down trodden private sector, decrease in Socio-psychological health has emerged as a new normal to
Kashmir. This from the very first day triggered a speedy explosion into the drug spread process in our
Kashmir. Emotional disturbances, frustrations, armed Insurgencies, absence of sound social plans,
bankruptcy of development policies set young ones prey to addiction whereby using narcotics they get
some timely relief and escape from the tensions, insecurity and turmoil they sink in. But with time, they
get more and more adapted and end up as addicts with no choice but to complete their needs no matter
whatsoever means they employ to satisfy the want. Another face of the vexatious situation is that the
ongoing turbulence and political facade is making the smooth roads of counselling, support and moral
grip unavailable and tougher for young ones addicted to drug abuse. Accustomed to brawls of conflict,
sufferings, killings and protests the task to curb the incessantly surging evil has been uphill for the
society mainly due to the reasons like the lack of faith, cooperation and ease in working with each other
among police and the common man.

The million dollar question is that if thesecurity agencies can track down militants and separatists, why
they fail to track down those who have been spreading drug Mafai here, and have been spoiling the
asset of nation. Conflict and uncertainty needs to besolved for a better and humane society. The best
way-out to control this surging havoc is to cut down thesources and easy availability of drugs. Moreover,
we need to point out and punish the involved people whomake it flourish, lure young ones intentionally
with a purpose. While those affected need rehabilitation, care,love, support, consolation and helping
hand. We need to reach the addicted ones before they become too illfrom inside or their life falls apart
due to any negligence by elders and their loved ones. Drug addiction hasgrown to monstrous
proportions and we stand off-the-cuff lacking all the strategy to combat it. Besides therole of
NGO's, educational institutions, student unions, social and religious organizations, the security
forcesand common man need to work hand in hand to bring the health of society to shore.