Terrosism terror in Pakistan


Terrorism in Pakistan, according to Ministry of interior, has a significant threat to the people of Pakistan
and is extremely increasing that is outrageously affecting the larger population. However, the recent
attack in Pakistan Stock Exchange leaves several dead. As the gunmen and security forces waged a gun
battle outside. Consequently three security forces , one police officer and two private security guards
were killed , along with four attackers dead. It was really terrifying to see such horrible attacs and deaths
humanity in Pakistan.Although these attacks were attended by B.L.A. is an ethnic Baloch insurgent group
in Balochistan province which had been racked by violences for years . One thing is widely vivid that our
country is threat to its own people as a cause to attack the counter, we are even not protected from the
outsiders too . Once COVID-19 has created havoc , and yet another virus is becoming much hazardous.
In recent years the groups has also attacked on Chinese interests in Balochistan. They are continously
targeting civilians as well . In the wake of such attacks the country requires how to prevent terrosism?
You can also stop it by keeping an eye to the suspicious situations, strengthening police securities . It

needs the border controls . So the government of Pakistan should seek learning guidelines and take
strategy to find ways to prevent terrosism.