*The Reforms* 2nd Book of Mian Majid Ali Afzal published.


LAHORE,(Parliament Times): Mian Majid Ali Afzal’s 2nd book *The Reforms* is being published by Nai Soch Publishers. The book will be unveiled in various cities across Pakistan. The book consists of 6 parts consisting of multiple chapters. As the name of the book depicts, it not only identifies the problems Pakistan is facing but also provides solutions and recommendations for them. Unfortunately, most authors only identify the issues but do not come up with recommendations and suggestions. Anyhow, Mian Majid has remarkably articulated not only national and international challenges Pakistan is facing but has also given a way out.
The first part of the book discusses International Politics from Role of the USA in South Asian Nuclear Politics to Possible Solutions to Kashmir Issue among other important topics. Similarly, the 2nd Part discusses the National and Global Economy from Petrodollar Syndicates to Petro Yuan will Lead the Global Economy among other topics.
The 3rd Part of the book highlights social issues like beggary, drug addiction, child abuse, the curse of divorce, transgender issues in Pakistan, etc., supplemented with solutions.
The 4th Part is about Reforms itself. It covers topics from 7 Major Challenges that Pakistan is facing, Police Reforms, Electoral Reforms, Education Reforms, etc., to Accountability Strengthens Pakistan.
The 5th part examines the Global Climate Change Issue which covers various topics such as plastic pollution, climate change, How Earth could be saved? etc.
Lastly, Majid has categorised 6th Part as his favourite which only consists of 2 chapters. 1- First Constitution of the World. 2- Allama Iqbal as a change agent.