GPKSC condemns gruesome killing of innocent Kshmiri before minor grandson by Indian troops in IOJK


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK):    Kashmiri rights outfit – Global Pakistan & Kashmir Supreme Council (GPKSC) Saturday strongly condemned the recent gruesome killing of an innocent senior Kashmiri citizen in front of his minor son-in-law by the armed Indian occupational army in Sopur city of the Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir.

Addressing the weekly emergent session on “Focus On Kashmir” at the head office of the organization in London the GPKSC Chairman Raja Sikander Khan, President Kala Khan and other leaders of the organization’s executive council said “we’re horrified & shocked to see the images of the child sat on the body of his dead grandfather which gone widely viral on social and electronic media the world over.

The two leaders and others said that they were horrified to see a shocking incident which took place in North Kashmir’s Sopor where an armless and defenseless Kashmiri civilian was dragged out of his car and shot at point blank right in front of his three-year-old grandson. “The GPKSC strongly condemn this act of atrocity and cold blooded murder of the innocent Kashmiri, the resident of the international acknowledged disputed Jammu Kashmir State in front of his 3-year grandson”, they said.

“The heartbreaking pictures that surfaced showed the boy sitting on the dead body of his dead grandfather was widely shared on social and electronic media”, they said adding that the minor boy was later taken by the Indian occupational para-military Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel as they attended to his post trauma.

GPKSC Chairman Raja Sikander Khan and President Kala Khan continued that as saying “since the grave human rights violations and indiscrimination and killings of civilians were at its peak, it was enjoined upon the world Human Rights organizations to must immediately intervene now to save the oppressed and besieged humanity in IOJ&K and if these pictures of this innocent tiny child were still not enough to make you feel & realize the pain of the population of the Indian Occupied Kashmir then you have no right to be in Human Rights organizations or to be human”.

The Kashmiri leaders wonder that for how long further the human rights organisations would continued to be mum over the atrocities unleashed by of Indian occupational Armed Forces in the disputed occupied state.

The GPKSC leaders further said that for how long we would continue only condemning these acts of violence and killings of innocent people in the disputed held state. “Enough is enough now and we’ve had enough of double standards and discrimination and now it’s about time the international community woke up and took some positive steps against India to stop these atrocities on innocent people of IOJ&K”, They added.

It may be mentioned here that the family of the ill-fated Bashir Ahmed Khan alleged that he was dragged out of his car after the showdown and shot dead by the Indian occupying Paramilitary troopers and three-year-old grandson who was travelling with him was later pictured sitting on his chest.

Bashir Ahmed Khan was taken out of his car and shot dead by the brutl Indian forces.The paratrooper then put the child on his chest as he lay dead on the road and took photographs.