Sightsavers Pakistan launches a right petition about disabilities left out of Covid-19.


ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): Petition launched urging UN and governments to ensure people with disabilities are not left out of COVID-19 response On Monday 29th June Sightsavers Pakistan is launching a petition calling for the United Nations to meet the needs of people with disabilities who are facing the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global petition is supported by Community Based Inclusive Development Network who are the largest disability network of Pakistan. Asim Zafar, Coordinator CBID Network Pakistan said: “Even under normal circumstances, persons with disabilities are less likely to access health care, education, employment and to participate in the community.

here in Pakistan we are seeing, that persons with severe disabilities who require home-based (and) attendant care are more at risk of contracting/getting/attaining infection Due to ongoing discrimination all over the world we see that when a disaster like COVID strikes.

We need the UN & member states to step-up their efforts to make this happen. This cannot be put on the backburner. We are in an international crisis and there are up to 1 billion people with disabilities who are trying to survive without the recognition or support they need.