Proactive decision by PTA to temporary suspended PUBG


Ambreen Mushtaq Bhatti :
It is very wise and proactive decision by PTA to temporary suspended PUBG (Player unknown’s and battlegrounds) but it would be highly appreciated if Court permanently ban it in Pakistan. PUBG game is cause of psychosomatic disorder or illness which became a major concern for many. The game has already been banned in some countries for allegedly being harmful and addictive to young generation. PUBG game leads to gaming addiction. Mostly Video games are designed to be addictive using state-of- the-art behavioral psychology to keep you hooked. The player thinks about previous gaming activity or anticipates playing the next game due to the reason gaming becomes the dominant activity in daily life. When gaming is taken away, player feels irritability, anxiety, boredom, cravings, or sadness. Gaming addiction is a compulsive mental health disorder that can cause severe damage to one’s life. Many deaths have been reported due to PUBG game which is an alarming situation. In Coronavirus lockdown children are captive in house and they are spending most of the time on their mobiles and playing online games which mean they do not go for outdoor games and became less socially active.  Continuously gazing on mobile or gadgets screens for long hours effect eyesight and disrupt sleep pattern which ultimately cause depression anxiety and bad mood. Craving to attempt next level of game and win points engage kids all day as they attempt next level more bloodshed and violence displayed and eventually that may lead to aggressive, antisocial, or criminal attitudes in adults. No doubt responsibility laid on parent shoulders that they should not allowed their children to play such online games but it is also responsibility of state to take necessary precautions. It is public interest litigation and Lahore High Court Lahore has ordered the PTA to make a decision on the matter of online game PUBG, it should permanently banned in Pakistan.